Monday, September 6, 2010

Fresh as a daisy but grumpy as a bear

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words....
Yesterday Millie got a bath.  Does she look happy??


As soon as I unwrapped her from the towel she ran away and tried to hide from me.  I grabbed the camera and eventually cornered her in her bed.

Look at the expression on her face....

I'm betting that the words on her mind at the time were not pleasant ones!  LOL

But now she smells like a garden of flowers instead of an old mangy mutt!


  1. Kim, the first words that came from my 6 year old grandaughter was Ohhh... that's a cute little dog and I agree, even though Millie is annoyed at you for taking her old smell away, she still looks very cute. I'm sure that her beauty is deeper than her grudge. Have a great day . JB

  2. That made me laugh and now when I wake up I will think of Millie, I do feel like that some mornings. She was made at you, will she get over it? My dog sits for a whole day with reproachful eyes staring at me.

    That is cute,

  3. Awwww... that's nuthin' a cookie can't change! ;-)

  4. AWWWW....what a cute picture! As a part-time dog groomer, I can tell you, she WILL get over it. EVENTUALLY!!!

  5. Ha! My Lucy hates her bath also and always looks so pitiful when she is getting one. I hope Millie doesn't hold a grudge for too long!