Monday, September 20, 2010

Cha cha cha and 2nd mat progress

OK, sorry but this has to be a quick post.  I am addicted to Dancing With The Stars and the premiere is tonight!

I did start the 2nd little autumn mat tonight.  This is as far I got when I had to put it away to concentrate all my attention on the dancing!  lol
After tonights episode Auntie and I will pick our top 3.  We always have a little side bet on the winner.  Not much - just bragging rights.


  1. Hi Kim, I'm right there with you girlfriend, it's time once again for Dancing With The Stars, lets compare notes after the show!

  2. What lovely fall colors on your little mat. Enjoy watching Dancing with the Stars. I hope that you win your bet. lol... JB

  3. Hey honey I have always wanted to watch that show and now that I know you like it so much I just have to start watching it now. hahaha
    Your pumpkin on the prior post is just too great and I love the colors in this one. Wow their really pretty.
    You really work fast if you got all that done in that short time.
    Do wish we were neighbors but not to be. lol
    Love it when you come by and say hello. Appreciate the phone advice about the rice. I will remember it.

  4. Kim ~
    I have never seen Dancing with the Stars. Honest. I don't even have a TV that works. Just a little weirdo, I guess :)
    Cute mat ~ as always.
    Hugs :)

  5. I love DWTS ~ I just finished watching and now I'm headed down to the hooking room to put some order back to it after trashing it to get ready for my shows!! I love that show! Such good entertainment! Your little fall mat is looking good!

  6. We are Dancing With The Stars Fans here too!

  7. Great leaf! I envy those folks that can dance like that! Looks like so much fun and good exercise! Bragging rights is always a fun wager! ;-)

  8. Well, did ya win? Thanks for your always sweet words. :) I love your fall leaves. I hook/punched all day yesterday. It was so nice to sit in front of the door with the breeze blowing in instead of the air conditioner. I hope you have a great day! I look forward to all of your projects.