Monday, August 30, 2010

Did I miss the memo???

I must have missed the memo announcing that we were going back to July!  Here it is the very end of August and we are in an old-fashioned July heat wave!

This is supposed to the beginning of the nice coolish temperatures.   What happened???  The digital temperature display on my car read 30 degrees celcius and the weather girl on the news report claims that with the humidex it feels like almost 40 degrees. (103 degrees farenheit).   And it is supposed to stay this way until Friday when we start to feel the effects of Hurricane Earl.

This is going to be a B.M.W.  week!   No, I am not talking about the fancy car. 
Bitching - Moaning - Whining !!   Mom and Auntie really mind the heat and we do not have air conditioning, so this is gonna be a FUN week.........LOL 

I just came back from the grocery store where I stocked up on ice cream for them.

Wish me luck......I think I'm gonna need it! 


  1. Oh, I do wish you luck!!! This is unbelievable! Leaves dropping like crazy ~ going to have to start raking ~ and it's hotter than hades!! Go figure!!!

  2. It feels the same way here! HOT and Windy!

  3. I wish you loads of luck! We have dealt with the heat all summer. I am ready for some cool, brisk days!

  4. So sorry that our heat wave has made it to you...:( It is a doozy, but maybe the very cooler weather is on its way. We have had beautiful weather for two days, maybe it will beat Earl. :)

  5. It's been 31℃ here in Fredericton and I don't have an air conditioner either but I have fans to move the air. I feel sorry for the older folks like your poor mother and Aunt. . I'm feeling very tired in this heat and I think of the poor animals with fur, how terribly hot it must be for them. I can wear sleeveless shirts and shorts but they can't peel down. I love the cooler and dryer temperatures, not freezing though. JB

  6. I really sympathize with you. That sort of weather is just horrid. Maybe it'll pass quickly and you'll be headlong into fall.

  7. Oh, I'm sorry! I forgot to send you the memo on the weather! hehehe Since I forgot you on the Heat Wave Memo here is your Fall Memo.

    There will not be a Fall this year. Old Man Winter is going to come back with a vengance and leave Fall out of the picture because Fall isn't Man enough to overtake Summer! I'm gonna blog that! hehehe

    Hope you took your cooler with you to the store! I have been taking mine in the store and packing it in the store before I bring out it to take it home.

    Have a Great Day!

  8. Ice cream is a great idea! Heat came back here in central Jersey too... humid too... Friday cools here in time to enjoy a long weekend! :-) Please, Autumn, get here soon!

  9. Kim ~
    BMW ~ I like that!
    The heat and humidity has returned to northern Ohio, too. I love summer, but this has been a bit much with no a/c. The next two days sound miserable and then it is supposed to cool down. I just hope it doesn't go from hot to cold. I'd really rather have the hot!
    Pug hugs :)

  10. Please tell me we are NOT wishing for cooler weather - we'll regret that in February LOL. I totally understand the BMW - I'm feeling that way myself. Some inflicted by others. Some self-induced.

    As I sit at my computer, I realize I already need a dip today and it's only 9:40. So as much as I''m not hoping it cools down too soon, I do feel the heat. The forecast here for the long weekend is cool.

    Good luck getting through the ice cream.

    BTW, your comment on my page re the Wally purse handle - all over that!

  11. Wishing you luck and MissouREE has been caught in the grips of its' own little heatwave. Bah. Coldfront coming to save us later this week. Enjoy your ice cream :)

  12. Good Morning Kim, Yes, Julies stories turn my hair white. Well, it is already there, :) I guess I try not to get attached but I end up that way. I hope they brighten your day the way they do mine. I think sometimes the last thing my husband wants to hear at the end of the day is more chicken stories. :) I think he is glad I finally have a outlet. :) I hope it is sort of cool for you today.

  13. Oh Kim honey I am sending you my best wishes for a cooler weekend. Maybe a miracle will happen before then and you won't have suffer too much.
    I can not imagine in those temps without a/c
    Hang in there and good idea about stocking up on ice cream
    Thanks you so much for always being there for me when I need you.
    Your prayers for Kaci and Gary are so appreciated.
    I have just got to get myself together and be more like all of you. Stronger
    Love ya and please know I appreciate you

  14. Sorry I personality love the heat, I was under the cover last night and enjoying the temp., maybe I should move South?