Sunday, August 22, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine!

A beautiful Sunday morning.  On the weekends its my job to get Mom up and going.  She is not a morning person, so I always try and make an extra fuss.

I bring her down to breakfast with a big "Good Morning Sunshine" and a little silly banter to try and coax a smile out of her. 

What I get is a scrunched up ugly face, a dirty look, and I'm sure she is thinking I am nuts!  LOL   Flashback to 40 years ago when my Grandmother went to ridiculous lengths to get me to smile in the morning. (I was NOT a morning person either)  She even found a sign that she hung in the kitchen across from my chair at the table about smiling.  This even made me more determined not to smile! 

Now I can't help but smile in the morning when I am replaying this little routine with Mom --- I am Grandma and Mom is me!

This week I found this little silver-dollar pancake pan.
Isn't it cute??  Mom doesn't really have any appetite now, but she will eat pancakes, so this was another attempt at a smile.  The pancakes were tasty, garnished with fresh blueberries, but I think trying to get a smile before noon may be a dream!

The air has started to change a bit.  Fall is on the way.  I'm sorry to all you "summer-people" but I am thrilled.  Autumn is by far my favorite season.  This morning was bright and clear so I grabbed the camera and took a little walk through the cemetary before I woke everyone up.

It is so peaceful there.  And I stop and tidy up around the graves of loved-ones and it just seems to set the tone for the day with a little quiet reflection.

The leaves are starting to turn.  Love it!!!   Fall also seems to trigger the desire for comfort food.  So yesturday I rediscovered that room in my house with all the appliances.......oh yeah - its called a Kitchen!  I get lazy in the summer.  I have made and eaten way to many burgers and hotdogs lately.

So I made a little clam chowder.  It was tasty with a few pieces of cheese bread. 
All in all, even without a morning smile, it was a lovely weekend.


  1. That is the cutest pan! I'm gonna have to get one of those. Looks like a great place to "walk about" with a camera. Karmen

  2. Isn't to strange how they become the child and we the parent.
    I too like the pancake pan, so you think your mom will notice when you fix her pancakes with a smile on them. great idea.

  3. You are such an amazing person, Kim. I love your outlook and spirit. Your mom is sure lucky to have a daughter like you to care for her.

  4. When did we become old enough to evolve into the role of "parent" to our "parents"? You are a wonderful daughter and am sure you are greatly appreciated. I am fortunate that my parent's are in reasonably good health. I do accompany them to doctors appointment, grocery shopping and run any errands that need to be done. It's just the natural progression of life.

  5. That pancake pan is too cute! It is so difficult taking care of aging parents... I am in awe of your spirit! Great photo of the leaves starting to turn... I have always loved Autumn the best out of all the seasons... but, after this summer's excessive heat, I'm REALLY looking forward to THIS autumn! LOL! Weatherman is promising 59 as a low this Thursday... I'm going to hold him to that promise! :-)

  6. A perfect weekend! Love the pancake pan!

  7. Kim, I'm sending a whole bunch of smiles across the miles and hope that one will fall on your mom's face, right where her mouth is and also a little prayer to brighten your day. I love the smilie pan, what a great idea.
    Have you tried to play a song that your mom might have known or sang when she was younger, like you are my Sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray, you'll never know dear how much I love you, please don't take my sunshine away..... It might trigger some older memories in her. I hope I'm not trespassing here. You are such a kind person and this must be so difficult for you.

    I too welcome autumn because I can't take the summer heat and humidity.

    My little calf Raspy drank almost a full bottle of milk and was still standing when I went to feed him this afternoon. Thanks for your moral support Kim, as if you didn't had enough to worry about.

  8. Kim ~
    Oh, your mom is so lucky to have you! It is so very hard seeing them like that. Sometimes life just seems so unfair.
    Your pancake pan is too cute and if it won't bring a smile to your mom's face, at least it has brought one to so many readers of your blog.
    I love autumn, too. I just don't like what comes after it!!!
    Pug hugs :)

  9. I was not a morning person as a kid growing up, now I am up most often by five am. I must have heard "smile" a gazillion times from my Dad. Love your smiley pan, and really love your Sunday walk. Love those walks by myself with just my picture taker! Glad you had a little Fall, we are going to get a little trial run her in MissouREE this week. I think I may be able to yank on a pair of jeans and boots without fainting from heat!

  10. Kim honey you always make me smile when I visit...does that count. lol
    Isn't it strange how we do things now and think Oh my I can remember when...and so now it is us doing it.
    What a beautiful person you are and to take a walk thru the cemetary cleaning up before breakfast. They are so peaceful to walk through
    Glad you stopped by and liked Kaci pick of fabric...we found it on ebay while I was visiting with her.
    I may just have to try it out. lol
    I am paying for my visit today.
    Loved stopping by here today
    Love ya

  11. PS
    I am so ready for Autumn myself...this summer is one I am going to try to

  12. awwwww how sweet Kim, what a good daughter you are!!

  13. It sounds like you are a delightful, loving caretaker for your mom.

    And I love fall best, too.