Thursday, August 26, 2010


I always seem to get stuck when I am ready to start a new hooking project.  I'm generally OK once I get going, but getting started is often a long and  painful process.

I'm an over-thinker!  Its been over a week (maybe even closer to 2 weeks) since I finished the first long pillow.  And as soon as I finished it I found a complimentary pattern, so I would have a pair. 

The second I saw this pattern I knew they would work together and I would use the same wools/colors for both pillows.    Easy right??  A perfect well planned approach right??

So what happened??  Well, I started thinking!  I should have known better.  LOL

Should I use just the same colors?

Should I add some complimentary shades for variety?

Will I mix the colors and shades to make a more abstract image?

Or do I stay within my comfort area and hook it with the original colors and no attempts at funky-ness?

But if I always shy away from trying to hook more abstract, how will I ever learn?

SEE, this is how my mind works!!!  Around and around and wonder I'm tired all the time ---- I wear myself out with all this foolishness.

So I end up getting stuck and not starting.  The pattern and the bag of wool is next to me - mocking me.   Sooooooo, I thought if I posted this it might shame me into getting my a$$ in gear and starting.

Just Do It


  1. I find that the trick to getting anything done is to just sit down and start doing it! I can go for months without hooking for fear of using the wrong color... lately, I've just been reaching into the bag and then pulling loops... I keep telling myself that color changes are quick and easy enough... I need a t-shirt that says that "crazy now..." :-)

  2. Go for it!! The colors of the long pillow are beautiful ~ you'll put them together in the new one and it will be beautiful, too!! That's coming from the queen of procrastination!!!

  3. I hope those sedatives don't wear of anytime soon!

  4. Kim ~
    I, too, have HUGE problems starting a new project. I really suck at color planning, so I put it off, and put it off, and put if off some more. Once I get going, I usually am okay, but with my Magdalena rug I am currently hooking, I am still hesitating even though I am about half done (after probably 6 months!!!) At the rate I am going, I may never get it done!
    Hugs :)

  5. That is so funny~ The sedative thing...

  6. I bought a rug hook, and paid extra money to have the pattern drawn on Monk's cloth in 2002. It took me until July of 2010 to start it. I have took it out and stared at it all of those years.
    I only started because I wanted so badly to be a 10 minute rug hook button on my site. It helped me get over my fear. It takes me forever to finally cut material for a quilt, or start a counted cross stitch. I guess its a good thing I don't feel that way about cooking, :)

  7. Kim, you do think thing through don't you. Me on the other hand just jumps in and gets it done. Than I think "I should have done so and so"
    Just jump in and do it you have been thinking about it long enough. love ya Katie

  8. Well tell me Kim did this work or not?
    Maybe you just needed a short break...can't wait to see the finished pillow I know it will be beautiful like the other
    Love ya

  9. Kim,
    I love the colors used on the other pillow ... I say if something works than stick with it ... And those colors work. Can't wait to see where you go with it .. BTW, got any extra sedatives??? LOL
    Have a great week.