Monday, August 16, 2010

What is that noise??

Last night I could not get to sleep.  Of course, while I was on vacation I slept like a log.  As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out cold.

But naturally, the night before I was to return to work, I tossed and turned like a salad in a spinner!

And then there was that noise.......

What the heck is that noise?  Like a scraping or a scratching??  Was it a tree branch blowing creepily against the side of the house??
No........... Could it be a small animal scratching at the window screen trying to chew its way in??

Nope.  That wasn't it either.  And then as I rolled over one more time......I realized............that it was my gross dry feet scraping against the bed sheets!! Ewwwwww

Yes, it was so bad it was keeping me awake.  LOL  Weeks of being either barefoot or in old flip flops have taken a toll.

I was a little worried that I might wake up with holes in the sheets! 
I might be psychic....I foresee a pedicure in my future.


  1. Anticipation and change for pace are the culprits. Take 2 ibuprofen. That usually does the trick for me. But a pedi is so much more fun!