Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Running out of time

Ohhh no.....I looked at the calendar.  What the heck was I thinking????   Its the Wednesday of my 2nd week of vacation.   Ughhh, it is almost over.

How did this happen??  I'm not ready.  I need more time........  More relaxing, more pressure-free days.

Why oh why did I look at the calendar.

Now I am panicked.  See, the first few days of vacation you are still winding down.  Then you settle in to the groove and begin to enjoy.  Then some idiot brings it to your attention that its almost over.  STUPID IDIOT
Now all I can think about is the ticking clock.  Ticking down to that depressing Monday morning ritual.  I also made the stupid mistake of opening mail today.  My annual pension statement was there.  It said my retirement date on the top.

May 31, 2099

OK, its not really 2099 but it feels like thats how far away it is!!!  So, I did what alot of people do when faced with the thought of returning back to work after vacation.........
I bought a Lottery ticket!   LOL   Yeah, thats gonna work out eh!


  1. Kim, good luck winning that dang lottery, I gave up years ago. Enjoy the remainder of your vacation, look on the positive side you have a job and Millie!

  2. Good Luck with the Lottery Kim! I always hate it when vacation time is over! Gee, this year I hate it that Summer is almost over. It's been too hot or humid to even go to the pool this Summer! One week and 2 days and the kids are back in school....

  3. Kim ~
    I hope you win the lottery and then you can send some luck my way!
    Vacations always pass much too quickly. I hope you've enjoyed yours!!!
    Pug hugs :)

  4. You do have a way with expressing yourself, make me sad your holidays are coming to an end but you just may, MAY, win the lottery and then you can stay home and hook all day...wishful thinking????

  5. hey kim,

    I know what you mean....
    I go back on Monday as well...

    Maybe I should run out and buy a lotto ticket as would be my first...

    Anyway, hope you win
    Hope your transition is smooth from vacay mode to work