Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another visit from the "Skunk Fairy"

Yes, its happened again.  The dreaded "Skunk Fairy" has once again visited me. 

You see, in my mind (twisted, warped imagination)  there exists a Skunk Fairy who visits sleeping women (of a certain age) and swipes his white striped tail across the top of their head.  He (naturally it is a man), operates somewhat like the Tooth Fairy except instead of taking your teeth, this cruel fairy steals the color from the roots of your hair!! 

This insensitive beast leaves his mark on you when you least expect it and usually just before an important event.   You wake up, look in the mirror........and there it is........the white stripe!

What is even worse is this animal seems to be a terrible chauvanist.  Women appear to be the main target.  Men (aka Silver Foxes) tend to benefit physically from this phenomenon.

Case in point.........
Tell me Clooney is not "rockin" the salt and pepper??  Hot.............

Its just not fair!


  1. Oh, Kim,
    You are absolutely correct. On me, grey is "old". On my sweetie, he's "distinguished. It's just so unfair!!!!!!!
    Hugs :)

  2. I agree! It's just not fair at all!


  3. I've got a one inch stripe of white that starts on the right of my forehead... I don't color though as I refer to it as my "go fast racing stripe"! LOL! Men not only look good with grey... they look better bald too! :-)

  4. Roots are of the devil! LOL
    Clooney is rockin' it!

  5. I agree 100%, it's a double standard. Women always get the short end of the stick. JB

  6. I was blog hopping and I saw your post, I have to totally agree, I mean look at Sean Connery, He has to be almost 100 at least, still looks the like a dream and as he ages the better he looks, My husband gets hunkier the more chrome he gets on the roof.
    Me, I am just plain ole old, Good thing I can add the color bit by bit or someone might ask him someday, " Need a walker for your Mom, Sir?"
    That was funny, Thanks,

  7. I have an inch and a half diameter white spot in the back of my hair, been there for years and now the gray hairs are beginning to overtake the brown. Bah. You are so right, it is not fair, not one little bit!

  8. Well.... because I don't want any visits from your little "skunk fairy" even though he is very cute, I've let my hair go crazy! It's gray, white, dark brown, and a couple of unidentified colors. You are so, so right about those men! I absolutely hate it when I see a good look'n man with that fabulous gray start to color... huge mistake! Double standard for sure....