Sunday, September 7, 2014

Just call me Suzy

Yes, I'm still in the nesting phase.  Just call me Suzy Homemaker.   (People who know me really well are laughing really hard right now).  I know this phase will eventually end and I will return to thinking housework bites, but for now I'm riding the wave. 

This morning I settled on a couple of zucchini bread recipes and started shredding like a demon.  First up was a chocolate zucchini bread.  Turned out really well and was so tasty.  

Now I'm sorry I didn't make 2 loaves.  I cut the recipe in half in case it was not good and didn't want to waste it but the recipe was a keeper.  Next time I'll make 2. 

Then it was regular zucchini bread.  Another success.

I think my baking curse may be disappearing.  These were cut in half and put in the freezer.  I had enough of that monster zucchini left to freeze 3 bags (2 cups each).   So there will be more of this bread in my future. 

The rest of the weekend I puttered around and knit a little.  I didn't pick up my hook but I need to finishing hooking the horse rug.   Every time I walk through the den I see the still untouched UFO pile

I need to get on this so I can update my etsy store.  Maybe next weekend I'll stay out of the kitchen and get binding. 

Have a great week 


  1. This is the perfect time to bake when the temperature is going down. Your zucchini bread looks great. Have fun in the kitchen as long as if feels good.

  2. Oops meant to ask will you share the chocolate zuch bread recipe! Yum! I have a monster such in to shred tonight and freeze for later use. :)

  3. The chocolate zucchini bread looks yummy! What recipe did you use?
    Hope your domestic bliss has a good long run...

  4. Hello Susie, yummy, looking good in the kitchen....Good for you Kim, Blessings Francine.

  5. Sooo exciting to nest and the chocolate bread sounds so yummy.
    I need to get hooking again.

  6. Yes, those UFOs pile up too fast, but at least that means you are hooking.
    Bread looks yummy. Dear friend Dolly gave me a couple loaves today...lucky me!
    Hugs :)

  7. I can almost smell those breads! They look delicious! Autumn is a great time for nesting.... and hooking & baking too! Enjoy!

  8. Your bread turned out perfect. I think it is so nice you are baking and being Susie Home maker.
    I hope you have a great week!

  9. Gotta ride that wave as long and as far as you can!!! I am hoping the surf picks up around here soon!

  10. I'm betting your home smelled wonderful all weekend! Enjoy your week!

  11. Kim those loaves are so perfect! I've given up baking because I have no self control when it comes to eating it! So glad you are enjoying the home ownership and nothing like fresh baking bread to make a house feel so homey!
    Cathy G.

  12. Chardonnay. THAT'S what I've been doing wrong where laundry is concerned. LOL