Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Oh yes, Fall has arrived.  It's been chilly. Now where are those hot flashes when I need them??  Lol. I dug out my favorite warm blanket. It's so soft and fluffy and it felt so cozy when I pulled it up around me last night.  It made this morning exceptionally hard to get out of bed. 

I also broke down tonight and went and bought one of those portable electric infrared heaters. It works great and is very quiet.  It heated up the living room nicely this evening.  And it's not totally ugly like some of them.

Maybe the cool temps have creeped into my mood too. I'm feeling a little crabby lately.   Last night my favorite show started - Dancing With The Stars - and I was uninterested.  I watched a little and then went to bed before it was over.  And have you seen the new View?  I always enjoyed watching it while I was home for lunch.  It sucks! 

All this cold hearted stuff has made me reach for a simple comfort - a nice pile of soft, pretty wool

Ahhh, thats so much better.  Now I'm a warm and cozy Happy Hooker. 


  1. Kim I couldn't watch DWTS last night. CH did but I just couldn't find anyone that I could get happy with. I am going to watch tonight though because Smokey Robinson is going to be on.. yay! Glad you are a Happy Hooker.. :) And warm and cozy!

  2. So glad you are warm and cozy it was rainy, damp and cold today. brrrrrr
    I made a big dinner and now I am beached on my favorite chair and planning on hooking tonight. TV stinks I have been watching pbs the Roosevelt's kind of interesting but I fall asleep about an hour in on both nights. And I am not much of a sleeper while on the couch. Where is indian summer?

  3. Awwww, toasty warm now. , those are great heaters, we have one in the back porch where we sit and watch T.V all year round....blessings Francine.

  4. Hi Kim...funny how the weather changes our moods sometimes, We are getting cooler temps here in WA and the leaves are starting to change colors and fall from the trees. Seems like it is just pokin' along though. lol

    I saw a bit of DWTS. The 17 year old girl and Alfonso , can't remember his last name. They were really good and got good scores.

    Gotta run. Stay warm and cozy. Take care. Give Millie a hug for me.
    Janet W

  5. You're so funny! I agree about The View and I'm not a huge fan of anyone on DWTS... What's a girl to do!? Housework!?? Glad you found your happy place!

  6. Kim we have that same type of heater love it for warding of the chill before we have to fire up the big furnaces!!
    There's nothing like a nice pile of wool to warm the body and soul!! Sending happy thoughts!!
    Cathy G

  7. Sure. Rub it in. It's 101 freaking degrees here. I am sooooo looking forward to some cool crisp weather. Enjoy!

  8. I think your heater is very nice. I bet it feels so nice to snuggle down and get warm. I love that top picture of that kitty.
    I do think it is nice to be able to get out the hook and all seems right with the world.
    Have a lovely Wednesday.

  9. I've never seen a heater like that. It's good that it warmed up the room as it should. We are having some cool morning temperatures. I love them!

  10. No heater on here in the NW, going to be in high 80's maybe low 90's for the weekend, want fall to be here soon. I agree with you on DWS--not fond of the new pros, hope it will get better. Yes, hooking soothes the soul.

  11. Kim
    It is getting colder too fast. Bring on Indian summer!
    I can't wait to see what you're hooking now.

  12. Your heater sound very nice. I had to turn the heat on this morning to get the chill out of the house.