Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekend wrap up

Sorry but I couldn't think of a more imaginative post title.  First want to thank you for all the comments and emails of support the past few days.  I'm sure everything will work out in the long run, but it would be nice to have a little down time between one crisis or another.  

Now it's time to focus on moving forward and say goodbye to that horrible, long, cold, snowy January. Hello February -- the month of hearts and love.  Our local groundhog Shubenacadie Sam was out this morning and did not see his shadow.  Early spring perhaps??  Let's hope so

This is an older photo I borrowed.  You'll notice there's no snow in this pic so you can guarantee it wasn't taken this morning :)

I finished hooking the Sassy Sunflower pillow top (pattern from Red House Wool Studio). Now I need to find a suitable piece of wool for the backing and get sewing. (My least favorite part)

And soon I can start my next project.  I joined up with Deanne Fitzpatrick's Mystery Pattern of the Month Club.  New patterns are ready on the last day of each month.  

I picked up mine on Friday.  BUT I was sworn to secrecy for a few more days and was warned not to post a picture yet until all the people receive theirs by mail.  

Hahahaha, I know the secret!  Lol. Sorry.   Now I need to get my tea and chocolates ready for tonight's episode of Downton Abbey.  I hope it's more exciting than last weeks episode. 


  1. Well, you sure were able to create a beautiful pillow top somehow in the midst of all your stuff going on!! We're watching the Super Bowl (commercials) and having a chill night.

  2. Sassy Sunflower came out great. Don't you wish the finishing fairy would show up when needed?
    Mystery pattern of the month sounds like fun, but I'd never keep up...sigh.
    Hope your week starts off well.
    Pug hugs :)

  3. You guys have your own groundhog?!?!?! Downton has got to be more exciting than the Superbowl! Ugh! Oooh that hooking came out great!

  4. Please let us hope for a early Spring, we deserve it I think.......Love the Sunflower rug Kim, so beautiful, Blessings Francine.

  5. You did a great job on the sunflower. Enjoy your tea and chocolates.

  6. Nice to hear that you have finished Sassy Sunflower pillow top and getting ready for the next project. Keep going...

  7. Great job on that Sassy Sunflower pillow.
    I guess that you'll be getting busy with constant hooking now that you've joined Deanne's Pattern of the month club. I'm looking forward to seeing what the pattern will be. That's a brave move.

    Have a great week.

  8. Yes, great job on the sunflower. I don't like doing backings either, not fun like doing the actual project. I tried to watch Downton Abbie once and I had trouble understanding what they were saying.

  9. Your sassy sunflower turned out beautiful.


  10. You do such good work with those rugs! Hopefully this week will be a smoother one for you.

  11. Oh that sassy sunflower is just perfect. I love all of the colors you chose. What a great job you did. I am sure your customer will be so happy with it. It is just beautiful.
    I hope that this week is better than last week. I hope you have an early spring too.

  12. Hi Kim, love your pillow top. :) I am sorry that things are crazy there. All will work out.

    Here it is too. I posted on my blog if you'd like to know the latest. Warning: it is not a happy post.

    Take care my friend. :) Janet W

  13. Love your pillow top. a secret pattern ohhh that sounds like fun. downton able was good Edith is in deep do do and love Maggie smiths character.
    she set everyone straight. That hour goes so fast I just can't believe it.
    looking forward to the next one.

  14. I haven't been by in some time. I'm so sorry to hear about the challenges with your mom.