Thursday, February 20, 2014

Some 4 letter words

I think this 4 letter word is really nasty........SNOW.  All I see is white.  I need color!  This is my view looking towards my backyard after another foot and a half of "it" fell in the past 2 days

And tomorrow morning is garbage pick up so I suppose I have to shovel out the bin before bedtime.  Not happy!

"Please, Old Man Winter.....listen to this 4 letter word........STOP!"

Now on to a much happier 4 letter word........GOLD

Canada is bringing home 2 more of these beauties after today's performances.  Women's curling AND hockey.   Yay!!  ( sorry to my American friends, I'm just Canada Proud tonight )

I saw this on Facebook tonight and hope the men's hockey team can repeat another golden moment.


  1. uh oh...I kinda want USA to win the game.....I admit that I am not, I repeat NOT a fan of the pouting going on while silver medals were being put around their necks. That nonsense was so prevalent in the last summer games, and until today I had not seen it in these games.

    1. I really wasn't bragging, just Canada Proud tonight :)

  2. Oh that 4 letter word I have had my fill and there is 1-3 coming in tonight ugh, with freezing rain to mix it up some. Oh our poor girls but hey the boys will get that gold. Now on to curling I am going to give it a try ok you can laugh now we have a new ice rink at the college and they are having a team start up. I am going to give it a try. My son in law is on a team and loves it.

  3. Four letter word....YUCK. You are snowed in aren't you. Happy digging. Ours is melting on its own.

    Congrats on the gold medals.

  4. Kim,
    I HATE that FOUR letter WORD, too.
    Hugs :)

  5. I can tell that four letter words beginning with S and ending with now, it going to bring out the worst. I read blogs today that are the same kind of unhappy. I would gladly take all of it off your hands.
    I think it is great you Canadians got some more golds. It is due to all of that four letter word. :) I loved that cartoon. Think how much you will love spring.

  6. Hi, Kim,
    I was looking at your incredible piles of snow and wondering where you lived. Then I continued on and saw Canada. I guess you have to expect tons of snow in Canada? We have had a lot for us, too, but most melted today with storms expected tonight. I have decided mud is better than snow! :)

  7. Canada proud - as you should be! I've just been catching up on your older posts. So much has happened and I'm glad your mother is doing well. As for the snow... well, it will all melt eventually, right? RIGHT??

  8. Hi Kim, hate the snow four letter word but loving the gold four letter word, Canada Proud, damn straight!!!!!!! Hope the guys tomorrow play like the girls and bring on another gold, Blessings Francine.

  9. I am longing for spring too Kim!! We had heavy rains here today and a lot of the snow has melted and many streets in town are flooded.

  10. We got a lot of snow too but it's melting nicely today. Heavy to shovel though.

    I think Canada has a lot of gold medals to win to over shadow the notoriety of Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto. Our Olympics athletes are doing us proud. Love the cartoon.

  11. Hoping you get a break from the four letter word soon! That's just a crazy big pile of the stuff. :/

  12. Oh the snow..
    It's everywhere here too.
    I am ready for Spring.
    Woolie hugs

  13. We had mounds of snow like that too... fortunately we are now in the middle of 5 days of 50 (f) and rain... so, a lot of melting and dripping and puddles going on... the sounds of melting snow is music to my ears! :-) Congrats on the Gold medals!!! Cute cartoon!

  14. I feel your pain... I live in Newfoundland... I'm ready to see some spring now too.

    Crossing my fingers for the Men's!!!!

  15. Haha. Isn't that a cute cartoon! I think I'll be posting photos of our backyard in the next couple days. It's been snow as far as the eye can see ever since some time in November. By now it gets really old. :-(

  16. Hi Kim. How are you doing? Good I hope. :) How is your mom doing? Over the weekend we almost lost mom. I will try to post today or tomorrow. I did a no no by buying a Nextbook Tablet...I think I can post from there when I am in a wi fi zone.
    Take care, Janet W (((HUGS)))