Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Quest Continues

It appears that the buckwheat hull pillow is not for me. I've tried it for a week now. I think I knew it after the first couple of nights but wanted to give it a fair try. But enough is enough. Tonight it's back to the old pillow. My next quest might be memory foam. I think it's the only type I haven't tried yet.

In other news, I finally went for my eye examination. As the exam went on, I started getting a sense where things were going....... I had a bad feeling. So I said "you better not say the word "bifocals" or things are going to get ugly". He laughed and assures me he's not going to say "that word". For a moment I relaxed. Then Dr. Chuckles hits me with this..... "You need Progressive Lenses". Isn't that the same thing??? Yes he says, "but people your age think it sounds better than bifocals". LOL

The good news is my contacts will stay the same. Only my glasses need to be changed. I only wear them when I read in bed so its not that bad. I admit though, it did make me feel kind of old.

And finally, the quest to locate signs of Spring continues. Another un-spring-like weather event on the way. Grrrrrr

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  1. Well, bummer about the buck wheat pillow! I hope you find one just for you. Wishing you a good adjustment to your new glasses. Also - surely there will be spring for you soon!

  2. Too bad about the pillow. Have you tried down? My pillow of course is so flat that no one would call it a pillow but I like it. Well that is what they gave me too when I got glasses. I didn't know that was why they call them progressive lenses that is so funny.
    Well I am sure spring will be there before your birthday. :)

  3. I didn't like the buckwheat pillow either and I thought that it felt kind of felt like sleeping on a feed bag, really.... And I didn't thought that you'd like it either but I didn't want to discourage you. Some people swear by it.

    I sure hope that you can find a comfortable pillow.

    Wearing progressive lenses is just the beginning of getting old no matter how they call those lenses. I've been wearing tri-focal for years and I wasn't given that fancy name of Progressive lenses. No wonder I've been feeling old. ha,ha,ha.

    You will look good no matter lenses they put on you.
    I hope that you have a great weekend coming up.

  4. Kim ~
    I knew that's what they'd call! Getting old (though you are still just a kid!!!) is not for sissies.
    Hugs :)

  5. I got a whole bunch of things I could tell you about feeling old ~ but I'll just let life surprise you!!! The pillow thing is ongoing, too ~ good luck!!!

  6. I have a feeling that someday I'll wish my only "old" thing was glasses! I'm already wishing glasses were my only "old" thing, who am I kidding? Thunderstorms here but warm until this weekend then maybe snow...yes, I'm crying again!

  7. Kim have you tried a wool pillow. I have one I love just an idea for you. As for the progressive they are not really all that bad. And adressing the signs of growing old I'll take them all My mother died at 46 so every day I have since I celebrated 46 (a couple of years ago now) I live to the fullest and try not to get caught up in the old talk. Old is preferred to the option which is dead.....I'll take old everyday!!!
    Hope you find a good pillow!!

  8. I am sorry the pillow didn't work for you. I have a pillow especially for my neck (arthritis) of the memory foam and I can't sleep without it.

    I have trifocals. I do remember trying to get used to bifocals though.

  9. Morning Kim, ya, to bad about the pillow, enjoy mine......Glasses, oh my, have a pair all over the house, can't read a dang thing........As for the weather, stinks here too, no Spring, Francine.

  10. Mine make me feel old too. I need to go get contacts again. I like them much better. OH, and that pillow? I can't use them either.

  11. Have you tried these cooling gel pillows? I LOVE THEM.

  12. Lucky for me I wear contacts for far away and they are set up for monovision. No glasses. I do have spare glasses for when I don't want to wear my contacts but all I have to do is slip my contacts or glasses off to read. Sorry about your pillow! I want to go to your eye Dr.

  13. Wish I could have contacts but my eye doctor won't even go there.

    Cold and dreary here too.


  14. I starting thinking I should get my eyes checked, my walgreens glasses don't seem to quite do the trick. I then realized I haven't had my eyes checked since frickin high school.

  15. You gave me a good chuckle about the bifocals vs progressive lenses......
    Wish I could wear contacts. My eyes are too dry and they make it worse....grr.
    Have a great weekend!