Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Porch chattin' time

I haven't visiting the Chats on the Porch linky for awhile so today I decided to jump back in.  Patrice, our host from Everyday Ruralty poses weekly questions to get us all chatting. 

It is always nice to see other people's answers to the weekenly questions and you often find a new blogger who you have things in common with. 

Plus Patrice's horse Wendell is always good for a little chuckle.    OK, here we go with the questions.

  1. What did you do for Easter?
Easter was very quiet at our house this year.  We just spent the long weekend relaxing.  We had a few visitors and invited a friend over for the big Easter dinner as she was going to be alone.  It was nice to just relax.

2.   How bad were you with candy or treats? (On a scale of 1-10. 1 being good, 10 being sugared up)

I was good - like a #1 (up to a point)   I made a royal decree that no chocolate was to be brought into the house.  But then a visitor brought in a few choocolate bunnies.  Sigh......  I was still good until Monday afternoon when the electricity went out for 4 hours.  I admit it - I took my frustration out on the bunny.  I zoomed to a 10 on the scale :)

3.   What's one of the first things you'd like to do when you have consistent spring temperatures?

Well, you know I have a "thing" about shoes.....  So when the snow melts and the weather starts to warm up I like to start sorting through my shoes.  Its not quite flip flop time, but soon the boots will be replaced by shoes.  Lots and lots of shoes  Bahahahahahaha (thats my evil laugh)

4.  How are you at gift buying?

I love to shop.  And I would be great at gift buying if I could stick to the task and not think I had to buy myself something too ;)

5.   Do you have an projects in mind for the month of April?

I've started a big floral hooked rug pattern and I would love to have it finished by the end of April.  I think that may be a tad ambitious but I am going to give it a try.  And a carry over from the month of March is to finally get my taxes done :(

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  1. Great questions and answers!

  2. You took your frustrations out on that chocolate bunny! That must have been what happened with the bag of Hershey's eggs I hit yesterday!!

  3. I thought of you and your love of snow when the ground turned white in a matter of hours (when I was looking) last night...and then the snow kept up until...well, still!

  4. I would love to get my taxes finished and I have to get back to the hook for sure. I have rugs calling my name.
    I can't wait for flip flop weather ahhh and I was bad with the sweets.

  5. hope you show off your rug ... sound fun & so creative. ( :

  6. ooooooooooo, I keep forgetting about taxes. I guess that is one April's list.

  7. Welcome back! So the chocolate bunnies got you. :P Please show us your rug when you get done. Have a great week!

  8. Well, when you're on the road of good intention and a chocolate bunny crosses the road in front of you, I say go for it.That bunny is doomed, bah,ha,ha,ha.

    My taxes are still not done yet and I'm lucky as my husband does mine and his together so I'm off the hook. I just give him all the papers and let him worry about it. Darn those fat cats who don't pay their fair share of taxes.

    Keep on hooking because you come up with some dandies. I just picked up my hook after yesterday for a little while and caressed it gently so it wouldn't bite my fingers off and I did pull some hoops. I picked it up again before lunch and hooked a little bit more today.

    The sun is out here and I hope it's out where you are.

  9. Just when I thought perhaps I could continue to put the taxes in the back burner...