Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ten Minute Challenge

I admit it....I have been using the summer as an excuse! There is company to entertain, its too hot, its too rainy, blah, blah, blah! I haven't hooked one little bit all month. And the past few days I started to think it was time to drag out the frame and finally finish the beach themed rug I started awhile ago.
Then tonight as I was checking out some other blogs I noticed this tag. Wow....this is exactly the motivation I need! I don't know if its because I'm a Gemini or just really stubborn and driven but I can't seem to pass up a challenge.
So thats it - I signed up on Red Jack Rugs site and tomorrow I will be a hooker again!
It feels good already. I have a goal!! Yeah......


  1. OK I'll bite, I've signed up. You'll have to keep me on track you know what I'm like.

  2. Hi Kim! I just now found your blog!!! And I signed the 10 minute challenge too~yesterday. Did I get any hooking done? NO! Today I WILL HOOK 20 minutes!! I've been dyeing wool and loving that almost as much as hooking. But I sure do have lots of designs in my head to hook! I'm going to get busy! You can check on me and make sure I'm doing it! And I'll watch you too! we can motivate each other!

  3. Hi Kim

    I am glad as a fellow Gemini to see that you too have problems with time management! I am enjoying your entries so keep up the good work.

    Corner Brook,NL