Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Bad Hair Month

Our local weather girl commented on tonight's news that July has been a "Bad Hair Month" ! I couldn't have said it better myself.
Just this afternoon, I was sitting in the staff room at work with Corinne (drinking herbal tea) and I was whining about my hair. I haven't had MY hair all month! This rainy, humid July has me looking like some kind of freak who either suffered a terrible fright or stuck my finger repeatedly in a light socket!!!
You see - I have thick, naturally curly hair. BUT BEFORE ALL YOU SAY HOW LUCKY I doesn't go into those nice perfect curls in this weather, it goes all fuzzy with waves in wierd places! hehehe And I was getting NO sympathy from Corinne (one of those nasty straight haired people). She told me I should embrace my curls.......IMAGINE. LOL
It is sooo bad that I have a family wedding to attend on Saturday and it is supposed to be an outdoor wedding. I am actually praying it will rain so it will be held indoors and my hair MIGHT look halfway human by the time the pictures are taken! (Oh Angela would kill me if she knew this!)
Anyway, this post is for all the fuzzy heads out there!

P.S. I got 20 minutes of hooking done tonight!



  1. I think you should go to that guy in Moncton I went to, I went from long straight brown to short and red hehehe.

    I hope you are enjoying your email this morning because that was 80% of my evening.

  2. Kim, another thing we have in common! Curly hair! I keep my short and when it gets so long, it frizzesss. One of my nightmares, is that I wake up with straight hair...oh no!

  3. Hi Kim-I feel your pain! Count me in on the long-frizzy-wild-hair-in-the-summer club! Can't wait until fall. I'm enjoying your blog!