Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Grinch

I know its terrible but I have become a Halloween Grinch.  I have really come to dislike this evening.  I always loved seeing all the little ones dressed up and trick or treating ----before.   Before Mom got sick. 

Now it's a very stressful evening.   Mom will not have a good night.  The constant banging on the door, the strange looking people - not good.  She gets confused and agitated.  The dog is no better.  Particularly since she is scared of children who run at her too quickly. She knows she's tiny and takes serious evasive measures.   She will probably need a small piece of an Ativan before it's over.  Mom will need the same.  Poor Mom can't deal with the costumes.  Her expression and demeanor goes to fear. I hate it 

Auntie on the other hand LOVES Halloween and prefers to ignore the effects on the rest of us. Mom, Millie and I are sitting in the den trying to stay calm and away from the door.   Auntie is manning the door. 

I predict a very large martini later this evening when all the little beggars have gone home.  (Don't I sound mean?)

Someday I will enjoy this holiday again 


It's over.  We survived and nobody required sedation!   All all the candy left is mine....Mwa ha ha ha


  1. Bottoms up, girlfriend!!! I think they cancelled it here due to high winds and rain ~ poor little duffers!! Enjoy your cocktail ~ make it two!!!!!!!!

  2. Sending hugs to you, Kim! I hope the evening will not be too stressful.

  3. Sorry that Halloween is stressing you, Millie and your Mom at this time. I rather enjoy it but we had a rather quiet Halloween. Not a single trick or treater in our neighbourhood. It's raining. All the chocolate bars goes to my hubby, poor thing...
    The closest things that I got for trick or treaters are photos from my daughter Christine emailed me of James and Daniel's Halloween which I'll be posting on my blog since I've been too busy to post lately.


  4. Kim,
    I'm happy to hear you all survived. Poor Ellie was bonkers. I felt so bad but I had to crate her and she was NOT a happy little camper. Loocie, on the other hand, was her usual, oblivious self.
    The rains held off for the first 45 minutes - thankfully - so I don't have 8 bags of candy to eat.
    Hugs :)

  5. Well, guess no wishing you Happy is stressful for the dogs, mine included.....hope you Mom 's ok....Blessings Francine.

  6. Hi Kim, There hasn't been many walking down the street, but we have several churches having Halloween parties here. I just kept my light out so I didn't have to deal with any. I guess you can call me a grinch. I could almost use one of your drinks and I don't drink after my week. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend

  7. Out here in the country we don't get any scary beggars but it got cancelled tonight anyway because of the rain. I love Halloween and always enjoyed handing out candy or trick or treating with my kids when we lived in town. But my situation isn't like yours and I'm sure it's really hard with your Mom and Millie. I'm glad everyone came through with no "tricks" and you got all the "treats"!

  8. We don't get the little people either so it is quiet night.
    I am glad everyone is safe and sound enjoy your candy.

  9. Yikes... Glad you survived! No idea how my mom would react these days, but it would be stressful and lots of questions for sure! If it really got bad, Auntie might consider sitting outside and pass out the candy!!???

  10. Glad it was bearable and that you have candy leftover!

  11. I really have never been a fan of Halloween. We get zero kidlets out here in the dark country. We like it that way. I can imagine how confusing it is for your Mom and Millie. Z Cat feared Halloween. Hope you enjoyed your "spirits"! I had a glass of catawba! CH had scotch on the rocks.

  12. I like your cute update. I am so glad you all made it through the holiday. It is Friday, I hope you have a wonderful day and a great weekend! Lots of hooking I hope. :)

  13. We have the same thing with the dog - this year I sat outside from 7 to 9 and that way no door bells. I had a teen group of 12 with a banjo and they sang to me. Would that work? sandie