Monday, October 14, 2013

Senior's Logic and other stuff

Sometimes I have to shake my head at some of the logic I hear in this house.  This morning when we got up I became immediately aware that Auntie was sick.  She informed me that she was up all night, couldn't breathe, chest felt "funny" etc.  I asked her why she didn't wake me up if she was so sick.  The reply: "oh, I didn't want to disturb you.  I thought about calling the ambulance if it got worse"

..........."You didn't want to disturb me??  And you were going to call an ambulance?  Did you think I wouldn't notice the sirens, and the paramedics pounding on the door and running up the stairs????"  Good grief!!   She admitted she hadn't really thought it through.   Ya think?   So we've had a little chat about waking me up if she thinks she's in trouble.   

She is doing a bit better.  She rested all day but has a terrible chest cold.  You can hear her breathing from the next room.   It sounds like she has a slow leak.  Tomorrow Mom goes to day care so she will be able to rest again.  

But I did manage to get lots done today in between waiting on everyone.   I brought in the hoses and turned off and drained the pipes for the outside taps.  I did several loads of laundry, changed all the bedding, and made a large pot of turkey vegetable soup.  

I have been trying to knit some of those boot cuff toppers.  I can't seem to get the right size.  I knit this one

It turned out fine but is too small.  So if you know someone who is super skinny and only wears one boot, let me know ;).   I started to try again with different yarn and needles and more stitches

But I have a feeling it's not right either.   I have set it aside.  Can't bear to waste another couple of hours on a leg warmer for a chicken leg!  I thought they would be a fun project but instead it was an exercise in frustration.

I drew out a funky little rug pattern.   I'll see if that can frustrate me next.  No pattern, just a free-hand scribble and an idea.   Who knows! 

I listed the Olde Holiday Branch on my Etsy shop last night (PleasantHillStudio).  It's a Buttermilk Basin design.  

Now it's time to relax and eat another piece of pumpkin pie.


  1. Kim, I'm sorry that you Auntie is sick. It seems like it's that time of year when people get sick. I hope that her breathing get better. God love her, she didn't want to disturb you....

    Your little mat turned out beautiful and I love how you hook directional on the background. It always looks so good.

    Your boot cuff topper looks like a fun project. I should knit myself some knee warmers. My old cracking knees can't take the cold. It was so cold that I had to dig out my long johns this morning, by mid-afternoon I was so warm that I had to remove them....I hate it when the temperature goes from cold to hot too fast.

    I ate the last piece of my homemade pumpkin pie for supper.

    Hope that you have a good week.

    1. I am so sorry your Auntie is sick. I hope she feels better soon.

      The little mat is beautiful!

  2. I hope your auntie is feeling better soon. Because I am older than you I have no idea what you are knitting unless it is made to look like a pair of tall wool socks coming over the top of your boots.
    soup sounds great.

  3. Sometimes I really wonder where the logic goes in their old age... I have a grandmother who would probably do that. I can send you a little formula to figure out how many stitches you need for your boot cuffs if you want! You would just need to do a test swatch and some math. ;)

  4. Hope your Aunt feels better soon. Love how the rug turned out.

    Have a bite of pie for me. I just finished making snickerdoodles

  5. Oh, dear! It sounds as though Auntie needs some medical attention!

    Enjoy that pie!:-)

  6. Kim ~
    I love that you can find humor in any situation!
    Hope Auntie is better soon.
    Hugs :)

  7. Kim,
    Hoping Auntie gets feeling better soon... those respiratory flu bugs can be dangerous so keep an eye on her! ( my sis is a respiratory therapist) but I know nothing really but I give my two cents worth anyway..)
    Love how you aren't afraid to just draw up designs and hook away! The knitting is harder to figure out I think... I haven't knit for years! There may be a chicken or two around that could use a leg warmer so don't give up!!
    Cathy G

  8. Morning Kim, is there any logic out there :) hope Auntie feels better, hate waking up feeling like that.......Love the sweet rug, pie always makes one feel better, yummy, Francine.

  9. You made me laugh out loud this morning with your chicken leg warmer. that is so funny. I guess I haven't seen those things. I like the color though. Your rug as always turned out so nice. How scary about your Aunt. I hope she feels better and gets to rest today.
    I hope you have a lovely Tuesday.

  10. The crud has hit our house to I have a sick child home today.

  11. Sounds like you always have your hands full Kim.. Hope your auntie feels better! Im sure the soup will help! Love you lil rug! Yum!! Pie sounds good!

  12. Your a kind person kim with all you do for others!

  13. Hope your Auntie is better and your pie was yummy! I hear all kinds of things that people do and say before finally getting help or come to the ER...However, I'm probably going to be the same way! Can't wait to see the finished boot liner!

  14. I KNOW I commented on this the other night when I stayed with my mom and then it disappeared (iPhone). Keep that sense of humor!!! Senior Logic -- can be a real hoot!!!

  15. I hope your auntie feels better. Love those chicken leg warmers. You could start a trend!

  16. Hope Auntie is feeling better!
    That damn flu shot they talked me into last Tuesday better do its thing!
    Pumpkin Pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!