Sunday, October 27, 2013

And so endeth the streak

I was on a roll.  I had resisted for longer than ever before.  I had the willpower of a champion.  I even somewhat smugly giggled at those of you had had fallen before me (Julie, heehee).  

And then this afternoon, as I moved something to get a bag of wool, I heard something.......
Eat me Kim, eat me Kim.   It was a bag of Halloween candies - Whoppers to be exact.  And so endeth the streak and broke down and opened up some of the treats

Oh well, this is as far as it went.  The rest of the goodies live to be eaten another day.  Hopefully by someone other than me :) 

This morning 2 of the 3 of us were feeling better.  Poor Auntie is still hobbling around.  Home support workers will be back tomorrow so all is good. 

I almost gave up on my big dreams to hook a fabulous mixed background.  It's not turning out fabulous but it still early and I am using this small piece as a learning tool.  Too soon for a picture to post.  I took one and it looks hideous but it's only one small corner.  I think it might look better after a few more hours.  

Thanks for the tips on the honey.  It did put it in hot water and at least for now it has re-liquified.  Not sure how long it will last.

Ok, that's enough.  Time to frustrate myself with hooking techniques.  


  1. Laughing at me huh...see it happens to the best of us!!!!LOL

  2. Now you went and did it, I love Whoppers, me needs some now.....glad the honey wored out, Blessings Francine.

  3. I gave my bags of Halloween candy to my son and I said, " Now hide these and don't tell me where." It has worked pretty well so far, but we haven't made it to Halloween yet.
    I am glad you had a nice day. I can't wait to see your background.

  4. Sunday before Halloween is when some towns have their Trick or Treating... so methinks you caved on time... not early! lol! As soon as I finish these two quilt tops... I'm gonna be a hookin' again! Lots of it!

  5. Yeah, I don't buy my candy ahead of time....'cause I have been known to cave a/k/a eat it all!!

  6. I think that you are not alone to fall for the treat. They are so tiny anyway....
    I must admit that I can't remember what whoppers taste like. I don't even remember ever buying any for myself. I think that I've bought everything but Whopper and I don't know why...I must be an odd one....

    I look at my unfinished rug every night and I climb in bed and turn out the light. I guess that it won't hook itself. I just thought that maybe it would try...

    Hope Auntie is feeling better today.

  7. Glad some of you are feeling better. If the honey turns sugary just put back in hot water again

  8. OK. I'll try again. I guess booger, er I mean blogger, ate my last comment.
    Glad you are feeling better!
    I bought Halloween candy today, but not my favs (Butterfingers and Snickers), tied the bag in a tight not and put it in the basement hoping I won't fall victim. Heck, I don't have to like it to eat it.
    Hugs :)

  9. Love whoppers! I try each day to be strong...but then the M&M's launch a sneak attack! So hard this time of year!

  10. A Mr. Big candy??? What have I been missing? We hit the KitKats here.

  11. I would have given in to whoppers a long time ago. I try to get something I hate
    twix so I can keep my hands off. But of course I have tootsie rolls at work deadly. So glad you are all on the mend.