Sunday, October 6, 2013

Lipstick, Boots, a start and a finish

Last night I went out on the town.  Yes, I was out after dark. (Alert the scandal magazines).  A rarity for me lately.  But I have been in a rut and saying no far to often.  And luckily I have great friends who keep inviting me anyway :). 

I put on the high boots and even lipstick!  Woohoo.  

We went to a musical play put on by a local comedy troupe.  Several of our friends were actors in it.  Our little town sure is packed with talent.  A few glasses of wine, some appetizers, some laughs and some great music.  I really enjoyed the evening and the company.  

I've posted the Ho Ho Ho runner to my etsy store.  Check it out!  I'm still hoping for the first sale in the newly named Pleasant Hill Studio etsy shop :)

And today I started a new one - a Buttermilk Basin design.  I drew it on the burlap this morning and started hooking it this afternoon.  This is the before pic.

So far the bird and half of the branch and leaves are hooked.  I had intended a black background but can tell already that it's not going to work.  I'll worry about that later.   I found some sparkly ribbon in my stash and I'm trying to work it in.  I think holiday mats deserve a little bling.

Even though tomorrow is Monday, it's a short week for me so I'm not immersed in the typical Monday morning dread.   Hope you all had a great weekend.



  1. I'm so glad that you put on your high heel boots and some lipstick and went ventured out on the town to have some much deserved fun. A good way to celebrate about that telephone bill credit.

    I'm sure that your Ho,Ho,Ho rug will make the Smart Phone ring with money in the bank.
    I love this next design. You are a real classy hooker, high heels and lipstick and all. he,he. Hugs,

  2. I am so glad you went had had a girl night on the town, that is important every now and then, It sounds fun. Your little hooked mat is so nice and happy.
    I like the new one you started. So glad you have a short week this week, I hope it is an easy Monday.

  3. Oh is sounds like fun and fun is good for the soul. I love your new rug good luck with the sale.

  4. Oooooh lipstick!!!!! Go hooker go....hmmm, maybe those two sentences were too close together!

  5. Kim ~
    HoHoHo is cute, cute, cute!
    Happy to hear you had a night out. It is good for the soul and other things :)
    Just read your post about the phone bill. I swear these phone companies haven't a clue. I think my problem was finally resolved last week. They gave me a micro cell to boost reception. One week I'm told they will send one to me at no charge. When they didn't call in the 24-48 hours promised, the next service rep told me that I was given bad information and they would/could not do that. Thank God you can't strangle someone via cell phone. After demanding to speak with someone with more authority, they could miraculously give me a credit to buy one and I was able to verify the credit before the purchase. ARGH!
    Happy Monday and short work week to you!
    Hugs :)

  6. I bet the sparkly ribbon will look great.

  7. Wow high heels and lipstick. Sounds like you had a good time. And I love that Ho Ho Ho rug. sandie

  8. Love the hohoho rug...very cute! Glad you went out and did something for yourself. Clears the mind, and all of that.

  9. I am so glad you had a night out for fun! You know that I LOVE that Ho Ho Ho runner!

  10. Cute runner! Congrats on taking on the town in lipstick and glam! My Monday's lately have been killers but I'm off today so that shortens my week too! I'm going to enjoy our suddenly very cool and crisp October!

  11. Dang the Ho Ho Ho runner is already gone! Would have been perfect for my small farm table on The Porch! That is what I get for not checking my Feedly feed every dang day! Glad you put your boots on and enjoyed some friends and wine!