Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I had at least 8 random things to talk about this afternoon.  Now I will be lucky to think of 3.   Why is it that great blog post ideas only come to us when we are not near a computer??

Today was like summer again.  I'm still wearing sandals.  It's entirely possible I may transition from sandals directly to boots.  Gotta love it. 

Last night I had to run to the mall before supper.  Big mistake!  I accidentally wandered down the snack aisle of the pharmacy.  Somehow several boxes of toffifee and cookies jumped into my arms. Oh yeah, and I'm not the kind of girl who can open a package and just have 1 candy at a time.  Thank goodness bulky sweater season is approaching. 

Today I temporarily disabled my twitter account.  Saturday I noticed a few weird things on there and then I got an email that it appeared my account was hacked and I had to re-set my password.  I got nervous, was this a real email or a phishing spam email?  I decided to re-set the password.  But since Saturday it has happened 3 more times.  So I'm off twitter for now.   Apparently I have 30 days to deactivate without losing anything.   Has this happened to anyone else?

The lawn was mowed today for the last time this year.  Did you ever notice that it never smells as good as the first few mowings of spring?  Remember that great smell of fresh cut grass in April.   Why does the smell fade throughout the season?  Have you ever wondered this?  Is it just me?

Today I got an envelope full of some new paper patterns that I ordered a few weeks ago.  It was just like Christmas!  I can't wait to start hooking one.  But I had to finish this one first

All hooked and waiting to be bound.  The plan is bind it tomorrow night  and then have a clean project slate to start the new pattern on the weekend.  Yay!

That's all the random I can squeeze out tonight.  


  1. I haven't twittered for weeks/months! I don't want to get hacked. I think I will give my account the heave ho!!! But it seems no matter what you do it never goes away. Like Facebook!

  2. Sorry about your Twitter. I don't have one. Love the Ho ho. I hear ya regarding bulky sweater season and the blog post ideas.

  3. On, no! I'm sorry about that Twitter account. I haven't received any strange messages regarding mine.

  4. Oh oh, don't do twitter but feel bad for you....what, not one cookie, glad to hear someone else has no willpower,:) ....sweet Ho Ho Ho, Blessings Francine.

  5. I don.t do twitter either so I am no help at all. snacks hooking and mowing the lawn sounds like a good day.
    have a great weekend.

  6. That is really weird about Twitter. I have an account but I am not on there much.
    I hope you get it straightened out.


  7. OMG I want to be that cat but he rather look male, anyway I want his way of life, please...

    Sorry about your Twitter account, that sucks... I don't have a Twitter account and I have deactivated my Facebook account. Too many people in my face... All I can manage is Rug Hooking Daily and Blogger and I'm having difficulty finding enough time for that.

    Love the Ho Ho Ho banner. That will go quickly.

    Our nose must be getting accustomed to the smell of grass and becomes desensitized is my guess.


  8. I haven't had any problems with my twitter account but apparently someone hacked my email after I got on google plus. Love your Ho Ho Ho mat. xo Laura

  9. I don't have a Twitter account, just a Facebook one. Hope I don't have any problems like that happen! Love the cat picture, too funny!

  10. Hi Kim, wow I hope that your twitter acct is ok. I haven't been to my acct there in ages.
    Nope it's just you....kidding...I love the smell of freshly mowed grass. I agree it just isn't the same later in the year.

    Have a great weekend..Take care, Janet W. oxo

  11. P. S. I just love your HO HO HO project. Christmas is my favorite holiday. :)