Thursday, October 17, 2013

Crazy times

Millie is having some kind of doggie psychotic episode. It's gone from mildly annoying to flat out serious.  She won't drink water.  I have tried every trick.  At this point she will only lick water off my fingers if I dip them in water.  At only 4 pounds it won't take long for her to dehydrate. 

This is how far I have stooped.  

I went to the pharmacy tonight and asked for syringes.  Naturally, he wanted to know what I needed them for.  I didn't think I looked like a druggie who was going home to shoot up!  I kind of grinned and said I don't want to tell you because you'll think I'm nuts.  Well, that just peaked his interest.  Finally I begrudgingly admitted I needed to give water to a sick 4 pound dog.   Yes, he laughed at me and handed me a handful of syringes. 

This is a good depiction of Millie's reaction to my attempt to trick her with a needle full of water

She was not impressed and obviously smarter than I had anticipated.  She was having no part of it.  

I will have to get her to a vet tomorrow.  She hates the vet.  Yes, she knows the word.  I fact she even knows the street.  If we even drive down that street she starts to shake until we drive past the building.  

Ok, final confession. I even tried to threaten her.  We sat by the water dish and told her we were going to the vet.  You know, the place where they put thermometers up your butt and jab you with sharp pointy needles and make you scream like a banchee.  BUT you can avoid all that if you just take a drink.......

Shockingly, it didn't work.   So it appears we will be recreating this scene with a much smaller version of patient.  

More fun at the funny farm!


  1. Didn't she hunger strike awhile back? Tell her Fozzie says she needs to take care of herself!

  2. Paws crossed that all is OK with Miss Millie. Keep us posted.
    Pug hugs :)

  3. This sounds serious. It is so stressful when a pet is sick or not acting normal.They are like a family member and you can't help from worrying about them. I hope that she will be OK.

  4. I love your conversation with the pharmacist! Does Millie like ice cubes? Probably already tried that...hope the vet or doggy psychologist figures out what's up with little Millie!!

  5. Didn't she do this before? I will be so curious what the vet says.

  6. Oh my. Having just done this with a larger dog, trying to get them to drink is no fun... Gatorade (if you have that in Canada?) or some other electrolyte replacement is what my vet suggested when Annie had Parvo. Hope you can get her all sorted out soon!

  7. Oh my dear.... I hate it when the fur babies get sick! Sending good thoughts and prayers for little Millie! Have you looked online for possible causes and what may be going on?
    Cathy G

  8. Morning, oh my, those are some terrifying pictures, almost as bad as the clowns, oops, didn't mean to say the c word, :) Hope all goes well for Miss Millie, Hugs Francine.

  9. My boy Ben isn't crazy about the vet's office either and I've had him there twice in less than 2 weeks. Hopefully Miss Millie will be fine and perhaps the vet can give you ideas to entice her to lap up water by it being added to food. We sure do worry about our fur friends, don't we?


  10. I hope they find something and can fix it. Sasha is the same way about the vet. It breaks my heart to watch them just freak out.
    I hope she gets better.

  11. I have resorted to using a needless syringe to get some water or chicken broth into my dog who refused to drink. I hope your baby feels better soon.

  12. Awwww poor Millie. Hope it's nothing serious. Tucker James hates the vet too. Guess animals are just like us, we don't like dr's either. Have a good weekend.


  13. Poor Millie! Poor you, I know you are worried.