Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

There's a fair amount of random coming up.  Not much happened this weekend to warrant a separate post.  Millie is doing better but is far from "cured".  She has lots of quirky antics she employs to get a drink.  She still needs some help.  I threw some treats in her water and roared at her antics to try and get them out without actually drinking from the dish.  Crazy dog!

I had a headache Friday.  Not too bad but it did progress.  By Saturday morning it was bordering on migraine status. I had a few errands I wanted to run.   My first stop at Deanne's studio (in case I felt like hooking later).  I did get some pretty rose colored wool but I should have stayed home.  I was beginning the queasy stage of migraine.   But it was the end of the Fibre Arts Festival plus Deanne had just launched her new book venture.

The illustrations are her rugs!  I peeked at a few pages but decided I better not stick around.  Can you imagine this ......"Nice book Deanne" and then throw up on one!   I will grab one this week when I can truly appreciate it.  

I had one other necessary stop at my friend Stephanie's shop.  She was displaying some of my rugs and one just sold on etsy so I wanted to get it ready to be shipped.  I walked in and the combo of the smells of strong fresh brewed coffee and the normally lovely collection of fancy soaps just flipped my migraine queasy stomach.  Her husband looked at me and said "are you ok?"  I wasn't !  I said No but I need the Santa crow rug......quick!!   He grabbed it, threw it at me and I just made it home.   Bed for the rest of the day and this morning I felt fine.  

Today I found a piece of burlap I had drawn on and discarded.  I drew another design over it.  Now it just looks like a mess a 2 year old would draw on a wall.  Hopefully by the time I'm ready to start hooking I'll be able to sort through the lines.  Then I decided we needed a comfort food kind of supper.  I made my brown sugar meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  I was feeling good and then a friend posted on Facebook that she was making lobster bisque.  That kind of took the Oomph out of my nice meal!  Lol   But it was good, even if it wasn't 5 star restaurant fare. 

I guess that's all that barely qualifies as blog fodder.  Have a great week ahead :)


  1. Congratulations on selling yet another rug. You are getting to be a sought after hooker. I'm glad that you are feeling better.I hope that you have a nice week.
    Me, I need some good sleep.

  2. Kim ~
    Sorry your Saturday was so lousy but glad to hear today you are better.
    Congrats on selling another rug!
    Hugs :)

  3. Hello Kim. Congratulations on selling another rug. I am sorry to hear about your migraine and hope you are feeing better. I too suffer from the dreaded things. I have been on a natural suppliment called Migraclear that has decreased their frequency and the severity. If you want more info on the product drop me a line. ( I do not sell this stuff I get it at the health food store) My e-mail is

  4. i think you got more done while feeling lousy than some typical days here. That book looks beautiful! Congrats on another sale!

  5. Migraines can certainly stop the action! ugh. Glad to hear that Millie is still drinking, though not normally.

  6. I am glad you are feeling better, how I hate migraines. They always have to go through the whole cycle before you can feel normal. Yuck! I am so glad you figured out how to get Millie to get some water in herself. I had to laugh about drawing over a pattern, after that debacle with the 1840 sunflower I wish you good luck.
    Have a lovely Monday

  7. So sorry about that migraine! Congratulations on selling that rug! I love the Snoopy cartoon in the header! I agree completely! Hope Millie will continue drinking for you. Have a good week!

  8. Happy to hear your feeling better, migraines are so terrible.......congrats on selling the rug, way to go Kim......sweet Millie better keep drinking the water, Blessings Francine.

  9. I used to get those kinds of headaches a lot when I was in my 30s and 40s. Not so much now, thank goodness! But I understand completely how sick they make you feel. Glad you're doing better now. Did you go back and get the book? It looked very intriguing!

  10. Oh boo I'm sorry you had such a nasty headache. I did get a kick out of the image of you demanding the rug and it being thrown at you. :) So glad Millie is doing better!

  11. Sorry about your migraine. I've never had one of those I think. Had something close one time that someone told me was a migraine. If it was I never want another one.

    Glad Millie is doing better.

  12. Kim if there is static couldn't she still be possibly getting a shock from the water. We are all static electric-ie here until we turn on the humidifier on the furnace. Glad you are feeling better. I would take your Brown Sugar Meatloaf and mashed potatoes any old ding dang day!