Saturday, October 26, 2013

Trust your instincts

Seems like staying home last night and drinking hot tea was wise.  I woke up this morning with a sore throat.  And Mom has been congested and sneezing all day.   So it was more tea and honey being served throughout the day.  

Now I have a question for you. (Because you're all so smart).  Do you see my honey squirt bottle above?  Is the way of preventing the honey from hardening?  What's the point of a honey squirt bottle if it won't squirt?  I end up taking the top off and dipping the handle of the spoon in and then stirring the tea.   If I buy "liquid" honey, I want it to be liquid!   Any suggestions??

Since we were all a bit under the weather I thought we should eat more than we usually do on Saturday which is usually just a snack grab kind of day.  I'm never sure if it's "feed a cold, starve a fever" or the other way around.  But I was hungry so I made a shepherds pie. And for the first time ever I made hamburger gravy.  Don't laugh!  I've just never made it before.   I made a full size one and had enough left over to make an individual size one.

I even went a little Martha Stewart-ish and added a layer of sweet potatoes under the layer of plain mashed potatoes.  Fancy shmancy right?  :)

Then I cut some wool for my rug.  You know, that I was too lazy to do last night.   Such pretty colors I think and far outside my usual color choices 

Another experiment I hope doesn't amount to be a waste of perfectly good wool.  I have yet to master the art of a random mixed background in hooking but for some reason I keep wanting to try.  Isn't that the definition of stupid - doing the same thing over and over again, thinking it will be different?  Or maybe it's just stubborn, dogged determination?    Anyway, here goes again!


  1. So sorry you and your mom are feeling under the weather. I don't know how to prevent it from happening but I know how to fix it. Put your bottle in warm water with the cap so the water will not get in, it will take a bit to kind of melt it. but it stays that way for awhile for me so you don't have to do it each time.
    hamburger gravy what do you mean by that I know what I do but would love to know what yours is.

  2. Hope you and your mom feel better soon.
    Stuffy noses here too.
    Love hot tea and honey.
    Woolie blessings

  3. OH OH, sorry to hear about you and your mom. My mom made us hot tea, honey with lemon juice, ahhh, was so good. Can't help you on the honey problem,have the same one, :( Blessings Francine.

  4. Oh, I hope you both feel better! My sister just made shepherd's pie this week. I must get on the's one of my faves! Have fun with wool.

  5. The honey will solidify because it's old; being old doesn't hurt the flavor or nutritional value but it does turn solid. Just warm it up and it'll become liquid again. Honey was found in some of the pyramids and it was still good to use. Hope y'all are feeling better.

  6. Mmmmm... Shepherd's Pie!!!! Hope everyone is happy and healthy today!

  7. Good Morning, I see you have a comment about putting it in hot water. It does work. Some things work so much better then pills. I know how you can be exhausted with everything that is going on in your life. Your body says at times that you have to take time to smell the roses as I like to say and do nothing for a while. I can remember as a child watching my mom and dad get the honey from the bee's still in the comb. Along time ago. Have a wonderful day. Prayers and hugs that everybody gets to feeling better. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  8. Sorry to hear you have a home full of sick germs...Hope you will all be feeling better soon.

  9. I am so sorry your mom and you are a bit under the weather. I hope you are both better soon.
    Did you know that the one food in the world that never spoils is honey? I buy the regular kind and keep it in the fridge and take out a spoonful to put in my tea.

  10. Sorry about having stuffy noses you and your Mom. I take 1000mg of time release vitamin C every day and I rarely get a cold even with the hired hand young men who seem to always have colds and coughs. It works for me. Once in a while when I get myself very run down like I am now, I'll get a cold.

    Don't keep the honey in the fridge as cold can also make it form crystals. A gentle warming in hot water in a pot and stirring until it liquify and not letting your honey get hot as it might compromise the flavor and color.

    Shepherd pies are my favorites, and your's looks delicious. I have never made hamburger gravy in my life. I just throw a can of Campbell vegetable soup in the mix and that's how I've been doing sine since I got married 47 years ago. Maybe it's time for me to change my recipe, lol.


  11. Ummmm pie looks good. JB is correct, remelt your honey in a pot of warm to hot water.

    And I don't think its stupid to keep wanting to try to get something right.

    You go girl.

  12. Hope you get to feeling better, sorry, I don't know about the honey. I don't really use it. The shepherd pie looks delicious!

  13. Hey there girlie, I owe you a letter, I have had company for three days. I will get to it hopefully tonight. I came in for just a minute. You got lots of nice answers about your honey. Something I noticed about honey. In September, honey goes to sugar, I have no clue why. It did it even with the honey I got from my bees. In September it always would turn. I just would warm it up in warm water and it would be good as new. I have never figured it out but it does that.
    I hope you are feeling better now.

  14. Kim I love the colors one the wool and looking forward the the completed project...the honey just needs a few seconds in the microwave and voila, pourable honey.

  15. Almost forgot, that shepherds pie with hamburg gravy is my kind of dish...comfort food at its best...and your looks delicious.

  16. Sorry to hear that you're feeling under the weather! Get better soon!!!