Sunday, September 9, 2012

Random on a rainy Sunday

I took advantage of a quiet weekend. Things are going to get busy fast, but more on that in another post. So for now you just get some random.

I have a critter making Swiss cheese out of my already sad back lawn. It's not enough that the dry summer left me with a brown, dead lawn but now.....

Yesterday there were about 20 holes and this morning there are more! Not impressed. The only time I want to see turf torn up like this is on a fairway when I've made a nice divot. I have yet to see the offending critter but he must do his tricks at night.

On another animal note, Millie is sick today. We've been outside 3 times already and 2 dog blankets are in the washer. Mom seems a bit out of sorts too. Ugh

Hooking news - I'm tweaking this little rug as I go. In fact, I'm not happy with the pumpkin at all and may re-hook it later.

I have a feeling it might be one of those days when you regret getting out of bed.
Kim :)

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  1. ohhh kim i do hope your day gets better! and both millie and your mom are feeling better. ugh i hate those kinda days... im sending good thoughts your way my friend! i love your rugs both the finished and the one your working on. hope you enjoy your day!

  2. Maybe it's in the air this week...same here.

  3. Kim: that was my comment, not hers! she had been signed in to my computer. Sorry!!!! XXXX

  4. Oh I am so sorry, I kinda feel like that today. I am glad it isn't a rainy day or it would be, I just kind of feel like sitting and watching some really, really sad movie and crying my eyes out.
    It will pass. What is wrong with your little pumpkin? It looks nice to me. Poor Millie. Sasha is in the same kind of mood, but I know hers is from eating a rawhide bone that would have lasted a normal dog a week. She ate it in two hours.
    I hope you Mom feels better too. Do you think the critter is a ground hog?

  5. I wonder if it is chipmunks or do you have them there? We are doing a huge homework project on Canada - but I don't remember Chipmunks.

  6. I believe the backyard mess is due to skunks looking for grubs. I've had similar holes! I'm sorry to hear Millie isn't top notch and hope all gets better soon. I like the pumpkin but I'm not a hooker, so what do I know!?

  7. Kim, I'm sorry for your out of sort day. I think that it's in the air, this dampness and overcast day. I hope that your mom and Millie feel better real fast.
    I usually wake up tired but cheerful but this morning I was grumpy as a bear. My mood is slowly improving but could be better.

    I don't see anything wrong with your pumpkin. I think that it's positively beautiful. It reminds me of Cinderella's coach without wheels. I'm surprised that it isn't blue or purple though, lol...

    Hope that tomorrow is better for all you and your family.

    Big ((HUGS))

    I wonder if you got a skunk digging for grubs on your back lawn. What a mess that critter left behind, whatever it is.

  8. Hi Kim....I completely understand those kind of days! Hope Millie and mom feel better soon. Tomorrow will be a better day!!
    Karen & the Hounds

  9. Hi Kim, oh no, what a mess, is it a mole?? Poor Millie, mine has had the poops to, yikes!!! hope she feels better soon, and Mom to. Love the new little mat already, pumpkins just make me smile.Blessings Francine.

  10. This might have been a day you should have stood in bed. I have had some days like that recently. ;-)

    I hope things are better for you all tomorrow. My daughter has moles in her yard and they have quite a time catching them.

  11. Sending hopes that your world will right itself a bit in the next few days Kim. That's the one (and only!) positive aspect to several things going over the edge all at once ~ they often correct back in batches of several at once too.

    I had a very similar 'yard destroyer' a few years back. It turned out to be both moles and voles - bizarre. Happily for me (albiet less so for the moles and voles and their pesky holes!) the wild fox and coyote found them quite the snack item. Sort of like fox/coyote snack packs I guess, lol. And thus the swiss-cheesie-ness of their dastardly hole digging reign was short. Ah life on the farm! A predator for every problem, roflmao

    PS I think your pumpkin is darling! What vexes you when you gaze upon it?


  12. Kim ~
    I hope everyone has a better day tomorrow.
    Hugs :)

  13. I hope Millie's feeling better soon, and that tomorrow is an improvement for all.

  14. Hope tomorrow is a better day!! Pumpkin looks cute to me!!

  15. Hope Millie and Your Mom are doing better. that animal is a vole I think they raised hell on our lawn. they are looking for grubs is there like a raised tunnel you can see to the holes that is what it is.

  16. Hope the week that passed since you posted this (YIKES - how did I get THAT far behind?) saw improvements all around. You know I love how the pumpkin rug turned out, so I won't bother repeating myself. As for the varmint....Looks a lot like what the skunks do to ours....But, for some strange reason, this year they've been noticeably absent. Probably because the soil and ground is even too hard for them to dig in..... :o( Robin

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