Saturday, September 15, 2012

Music to my ears

I was sitting here this afternoon, hooking on a new rug when my iPhone made a funny noise I hadn't heard before. It went "cha-ching" like an old cash register. It was an Etsy sale notification!!

Yes, Sassy Sunflower pillow will be shipped to a new home on Monday. It was one of my favorites so I'm going to miss it. But not for long! Lol. All that new wool will make me happy ;)

I listed the pumpkin and crow rug today. You can check it out on my sidebar. I'd love to hear that sound effect again. Hehe

We had a bit of lightening tonight and the cable just went out. Fingers crossed its just the cable and the electricity stays on. Other than that little blip it was a nice quiet day. It's a shame weekends aren't 5 days long, like work weeks are :)

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  1. Kim,
    That is wonderful news! I just knew you'd sell that pillow! That's cool.... the cash register sound on your phone..... fun fun!!
    Have fun picking out the new wool!!
    Cathy G

  2. I like that, having that sound on your phone. That is so much fun. I am so glad you sold it, it is such a pretty pillow.

  3. Congrats on your sale!!! I sold my first hooked thing ever yesterday. New wool sounds good to me, too :)
    Oh, if only weekends were longer...sigh.
    Hugs :)

  4. Congrats. Kim, on your sale...Someone will cherish the cushion..It is great to sell an item, yet it is difficult to let it go...strange feeling...

  5. Oh! I love that sound too! I downloaded the app a few weeks ago, and when it made that sound I thought "what on earth was that?" - now when I hear that sound I do a little dance hahaha.

  6. Uber cool Kim! (both the sale and the app sound :-)
    Now we need to find ya an app to sync to the cha-ching
    that belts out 'WOOT'! immediately after the cha-ching
    (or some similar such happy dance sound, lol)

    Not surprised at all it sold - beautiful work - but yes
    there is the happiness of new wool - yum!

    As for weekends being (or at least feeling) longer we'll have to master how to control the time/day 'feel' as we were talkin about via post n comment earlier today :-)

  7. what a great sound to here cha ching, I am glad you are selling your beautiful creations Kim, it is very few who have that talent and you are blessed with a great gift meant to be shared!!

  8. Hi Kim,

    Wow, that great! Fun phone noise. Cha ching. :)

    Five day weekend. Amen to that. It's only fair, right??

    I love the pumpkin and crow rug.

    Take care, Janet W

  9. Congrats on the sale - I am going to check out your Etsy site after I do some more browsing on your blog. Love that Cha-Ching sound - going to have to check that one out! Have a great Sunday..and thanks for reading my blog..Joni

  10. love the design of the sunflower pillow. I like that you only see part of the flower. Great piece! again congrats..

  11. Congrats on sale of Sunflower Pillow. It is a sweet pillow and not at all surprised it sold fast.
    Love the Crow and Pumpkin piece too.


  12. Way to go girl. Congratulations on your sale. Your work is becoming famous by now as it sells as fast as you hook them. I hope that you signs them in the back. If not you should gets some labels made.

    We got some thunder & lightning and some torrential rain showers here too yesterday. Luckily I had just made it into the barn when it started to down pour. I had to put on my winter jacket to work this morning, it was that cold and damp.

    Hugs, JB

  13. Woo Hoo!! Congrats Girlfriend! No doubt - that was such a sweet piece....but I'm loving the crow and pumpkin too. Yikes....You're hooking faster than I've been keeping up (well, yeah - that doesn't take much these days....but I go MIA for just over a week and you've got another awesome piece pumped out....) Those sounds coming from my phone would scare me....I'd be worried there was matching sound for every time I SPENT money too.... ;o Smiles & Catch-up Hugs ~ Robin

  14. Hello Kim, oh ya, cha ching, way to go!!! Happy Sassy Sunflower has a good home. Blessings Francine.