Thursday, September 27, 2012

8:15 am

Things were a little chaotic at bedtime last night and I forgot to set my alarm. I woke up at 8:15am.........I'm supposed to be at work at 8:30am. GASP --- I flew out of bed and raced around like a lunatic. I got to work at 8:31..... One minute late!

Arrgh, that is never a good start. You feel like you're trying to catch up all day. Luckily, in a nice balancing kind of way, my work day was better than yesterday.

In another post I mentioned we are soon moving to another office building. We are renovating a beautiful stone historic building in the downtown for a new town hall. It's almost ready. Today the final floor plan was revealed for who was getting which office. I'm a happy girl! Top floor, corner office, big window overlooking the Main Street. Yeah, for me.

Tonight I drew up a new little pattern and hooked a little bit. But have to put aside for now. It's the season premieres of Big Bang Theory and Greys Anatomy!

And tomorrows agenda......retail therapy! Yay

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  1. You must live next door to where you work! I would never make it to any job in 15 minutes. Yeah for you and your new office! I'm debating on whether or not to watch Greys or not. It was so intense in the last episode! lol

  2. Did not realize you worked from home. That is the only way I would of gotten dressed and made it to work in 15 minutes. Honey I am pretty sure you set a new record.
    It takes me that long to get out of bed now. lol
    Hope you enjoyed your shows tonight. I decided not to watch Greys Anatomy this year since I missed most of it last year.
    I am curious about the show Homeland that everyone is talking about. Have you watched it?
    Hope you get up in the morning in time so you aren't so rushed.

    Enjoy your weekend

  3. Hi Kim, hate mornings like that, oh my. Glad you have Friday off, RELAX girl. Blessings Francine.

  4. Kim ~
    Yeah for you and your new office! Sounds lovely :)
    You sure can move quickly in the morn. There is no way I would head to work without at least a quick jump in the shower!
    Enjoy your day off filled with retail therapy.
    Hugs :)

  5. Oh ho! Good for you getting that fancy office! You deserve it! I'm sure today was better than yesterday because you got to sleep in. ;) Pretty amazing you got there in 15 minutes!

  6. Corner office with a window! Yay for you! And I don't know anyone who needs retail therapy more than you ~ enjoy!!

  7. That sounds great. I love your downtown and those wonderful old buildings. Be sure and take a photo of your building when this happens.

  8. I totally had to watch the season premiere of Big Bang Theory last night. What did you think of the astronaut with his beard growth? I think it improved his looks. The only thing was, he totally looked high during that whole episode? (his name escapes me at the moment... there's sheldon, leonard and raj, This guy is...? I know his wife is Bernadette... OH, its Howard!)

  9. I guess that you needed that little extra sleeping time. One minute late is only 60 second late .

    I must have missed a post or been half asleep when I read it because this is the first time I hear about you moving into a new building. Hooray for getting the nice big office with a pleasant view of Main Street.

    I can't comment on shows as I don't watch TV anymore except the news at meal time.

    Enjoy your day of shopping. You deserve it after working so hard all week.