Friday, September 14, 2012

Goodies...... and baddies

I thought I would start out on the positive.  Recently I won a Fall giveaway from Primitive Stars blog.  My goodies arrived this week.  Actually it arrived a few days ago while Mom's home care worker was here.  She safely tucked it away......and forgot to tell me when I got home.  

I got a phone call from a very upset lady today, apologizing.  I just laughed and then found it in the closet.   I guess Mom was a handful that day! 

It was worth the delay.  There is a sweet prim pillow, harvest sign, and a fun candy corn cup and corn S & P shakers.  Thank you Francine.  It was a nice surprise today.  (And I needed one)

Now for the baddies.  Where to start?  Well, Auntie stubbed her toe today.  She "thinks" she broke her baby toe.  (FYI - its not swollen or discolored - just sayin)  You would think she was dying!  LOL  Or at least suffered a full on amputation.  I think it is just an excuse for me to do all the errands tomorrow - Just sayin  :)

Then there was the work day.  All day I felt like live bait in a shark tank

Just paddling my little heart out to stay ahead of the sharks teeth nipping at my butt.   Lol   It is probably my own fault.  I fell victim to my own delusions that today was a quiet day.  No scheduled appointments etc, I was looking forward to a quiet day to catch up.  HAHAHA  What is wrong with me?  I jinxed it. 

I felt like Al Pacino from that movie (scarface??)  "You want a piece of me??"     TGIF now!!

Oh, by the way - Thanks for all the nice comments on my latest couple of projects.  I really appreciate it!


  1. Evening Kim, swim my girl swim, never let them pull you down. So sorry to hear about your yukky day. Glad you like the Fall goodies,enjoy. Hope tomorrow is a better day my friend. Hugs Francine.

  2. What a nice giveaway you won! It's so much fun when you win something!

  3. Kim ~
    Congrats on your win!
    Just sayin' :) ... hope your weekend is wonderful and enjoy your quiet time while running errands....alone.
    Hugs :)

  4. Sweet win Kim! It really must had been a busy day that day for her to forget to tell you about it. Your auntie sounds like my aunt! lol Always wanting attention. Good luck tomorrow!

  5. Hi Kim, poor dear auntie, I hope her little toe is on the mend. How wonderful to have won Francine's giveaway, what a nice surprise, even if belated. Enjoy your weekend, beware of sharks! Love your hooking projects, hugs from Maine, Julie.

  6. Yay for winning! Those things are so cute. I like how it was hidden away in a closet - treasure hunt! ;) I have come to the conclusion that quiet days don't actually exist... anywhere. They are a myth. Best to just grab a noise maker and jump into the fray.

  7. Congrats on winning such a nice giveaway! Little things like that sure help to pick up a bummer day, don't they??

  8. What a nice surprise! I love it when I get some snail mail..except for bills and junk of course! Very cute things. I hope the shark that was chasing you becomes sushi and you can enjoy a nice weekend and hopefully have a better start to the work week on Monday. Now go hook something!

  9. My grandmother has been racking up complaints to get her daily fix of Tylenol. I have never known it to work for anything, but maybe your aunt would like some?

    Fun little surprise!

  10. I can see why you were so tired - I hope you get to just have some rest and a little fun this weekend.

  11. Ah, the mail in the closet thing, too funny. Millie was holding on you, lol. Congratulations on finding you winnings.

    Today you can rest.

    I was thinking about your poor aunt stubbing her little toe and thinking it's broken because it hurts so much. When we get older our feet hurts, mine does anyhow, I must be that old, lol...
    Sometimes the toe joints hurts from arthritis. Just saying ;),

    Hugs, JB

  12. When you're swimming with those sharks, be sure to wear your chainmail wet suit! Hope you enjoy your weekend. XXX

  13. I hate days when I I feel like shark bait. I guess the trick is to learn to swim faster.

  14. congrats on your win! hoping all goes better tomorrow.

  15. Ooooo...Poor Kimmers... I remember those days all too well. And I have a small butt to show for it. ;o) Congrats on the sweet win from Francine. Way to kick off the fall season.... Hope Auntie's toe is doing better. (Are you sure she's not really a male????) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin