Friday, September 28, 2012

Powering through

My day off didn't go exactly as planned but I did power through to try and make the most of it. I woke up not feeling the best. It's hard to explain, just foggy headed and disconnected. Not quite dizzy but close. My Grandmother used describe this phenomenon as "a queer head". I laughed as I thought of that today, and now I know what she meant.

I did go to Moncton but only made a few stops. I really didn't feel alert enough to be in too much traffic. I bought myself 2 new Fall outfits. One power suit will be great to wear on Election Day while I'm stomping around being the Big Boss Woman. Lol

And of course - new boots. Kick-Ass boots to be precise! I think you appear far more fearsome if your footwear makes noise. Strutting across the room in loafers isn't very intimidating but clicking your heels across the floor says "Look out, here she comes". Which is exactly the effect I'm going for ;)

So I'm taking it easy tonight. I hope to be clear headed by tomorrow.

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  1. My sinuses do that to my head...ik! Hope you are grounded in the morning!

  2. Kim ~
    Are those your boots or did you get some CFMs?
    Hope tomorrow is a better day.
    Hugs :)

  3. Love them there boots Kim, you certainly can throw your weight around wearing those puppies! Hope you head clears...have a good weekend, Julie.

  4. I hope you feel lots better tomorrow Kim!

  5. Hi Kim, Love the boots, I need a new pair for winter, but haven't decided what I am going to get. It isn't fun to feel kinda light headed. Sinuses can cause a lot of problems along with an inner ear problem. Hope all is well in the morning. Have a great day. Your Missouri Friend.

  6. Kim, I have those fuzzy head moments now and then too. I hope that it will clear up with a good night sleep.

    Power boots? Maybe the power went right to your head... no, just kidding .....Love the boots.

    I hope that you get to strut your new duds in the office on Monday and they'll take notice that you mean business.

    I woke up with a sore neck and a stuffy nose and took an Advil for arthritis and checked some blogs. I have to try to get back to sleep or I'll really be light headed tomorrow. I have to cut pies at the church all afternoon on Sunday at the church supper.


  7. Beautiful boots! Hope you feel better today.

  8. kim, hope you are feeling better today and enjoy your weekend! love the boots you tough cookie!

  9. How are you feeling today? I hope better. I love those boots!! I hope you had a nice day today.
    I miss you

  10. Hope you feel better today and I do love the boots! Now maybe you need some stiletto heeled ones to really kick ***!

  11. Hi Kim,I am not sure if you remember Nancy Sinatra (Frank Sinatra's daughter) sang These boots are made for walking and one of these days these boots are going to walk all over you. (something like that) check it out on utube but that's what those boots remind me of. Cheri

  12. So sorry you didn't feel well. I hate when I get sick on a Friday. I figure, there goes my weekend.

  13. OOOOOOOOOOOOO....LOVIN' the kick butt boots!! They remind me of a pair I had when I first went to college....I would have them still 'cept, somehow, my feet grew larger when I was carrying Lil' Crow.....Sold them on Ebay a few years ago and they fetched a pretty price. But I still miss them! Robin