Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hello September

Oh how happy I am to see September. It's the start of all things Fall, all things good. I woke this morning to a fresh cool breeze blowing through my bedroom window. Ahhh! The hot, humid August weather is officially behind us.

I closed off August yesterday with a ME day. I got up and out of the house before anybody was awake and threatened to attempt to schedule my day. I drove to Moncton and visited that little stitching store, Because You Count. Don't you love the name! I spent an hour there and could have stayed longer. The ladies there are funny and helpful.
Here is some of what I left with

Also some cloth and a few patterns. That should keep me busy.

Then I enjoyed a nice quiet lunch. I enjoy eating alone. I wouldn't want to have to do it all the time, but when I get a chance, I savor it. I have friends who would rather eat take out in their cars than sit alone in a restaurant.

When I got back to town I stopped at Deanne's studio and had a chat with Brenda. I picked up a few skeins of sari ribbon for my next project.

I was lucky to get out with just 2 skeins! Brenda's voracious sales pitch was quite amusing. She was convinced I should have every color! Nice try girl!

I just finished transferring this pattern to burlap. Now to sort through the wool piles and start cutting.

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  1. Doesn't that pattern just make you happy? I love the sassy sunflower so much. We are tearing out the garden today so I don't know how much hooking I will get in today, but I am glad you have that to work on today. I am so glad you got some other little projects to work on this weekend.
    Well, I came in to get water and made a little stop to see what has been going on, Have fun.

  2. kim, im glad you took a me day yesterday. and sounds like you had a nice day! i have never heard of sari ribbon? you will have to show what you use it for. i love the rug pattern you drew! sounds like you are preparing to start some new projects! enjoy your weekend kim...

  3. Yay for new projects! I love the picture of your embroidery thread. It inspires me! I'm so glad September is here too. :)

  4. Kim ~
    I'm sure you were quite deserving of your ME day. Yeah for you!
    You've got lots to keep you busy. Be sure to share your projects.
    Happy Saturday!
    Hugs to you and Millie, and a smooch for mom & auntie :)

  5. It was 93 here yesterday! Bleah, and the mugginess hasn't quite left yet. I love those floss colors and that pattern is super fun!

  6. Hi Kim, a me day sounds great, glad you enjoyed one yesterday. Pretty floss colors, ¸should be fun to do. Dear girl, you won my Bring On Fall Giveaway, I picked your name, congratulations, can you please email me your address,will send you the package,yey!!!! Blessings Francine.

  7. I'm so happy to see September..this was a grueling summer in more ways than I'm ready for fall..for cool..for pumpkins and Halloween. I'm glad you had a fun solo type of day. I can do those very nicely myself! Have a good weekend!

  8. Aww, having a day to yourself is such a nice way to start September, and being the Labor Day long weekend is a plus.

    I love the name of that stitching shop and you sure picked some pretty colorful floss. I see a cross stitch perhaps in your future. The Sari ribbons are nice Fall colors. Now I'm curious to see what you're up to.

    Congratulations on winning the Primitive Star give away.

    Have a greatLabor Day weekend.

    Hugs. JB

  9. I am happy to see September arrive too! Temps are cooling here and hoping to pick up my hook soon! Your threads for your stitching are beautiful and so are the hooking ribbons! Enjoy!

  10. Cute pattern! Can't wait to see the sari ribbon hooked up.

  11. Those Sari Ribbons are so pretty! I'm curious to see what you will do with them. It's fun to go to shops and have time to browse. Glad you had fun. Looks like your fall will be full of projects!

  12. A me day what a great idea,I have never heard of Sari ribbons.They look pretty,Hugs Cheri

  13. Happiest of Septembers to you as well! (Where ARE my manners?!) MMMMMM....loving that ribbon. Makes me wonder why I gave up silk ribbon embroidery. Gee, I think I have a half embroidered shirt somewhere.... ???

    Still no rain....and the storms seem to be heading away. DRAT!

    Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin