Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Can less be more?

Ahhhh, I got through the day. I now have my slate of candidates for the municipal election next month.
But this time it's a little different than other times. My other 4 previous elections I have had 18 to 23 candidates for council. The past 2 weeks were quiet. Frankly, it scared me. That feeling stuck with me all day. I feared there would be a number of surprises arriving at the last minute. I'm not a huge fan of surprises ;)

At the deadline I had 2 candidates for Mayor, and 9 candidates competing for 6 council seats. Nine......I can control nine!!

I'm not sure why there has been such a significant drop in numbers, but personally I'm not complaining. I came home, drowned a few olives in Grey Goose and began to hook the border on my rug.

Maybe less really is more?

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  1. KIm, I like the concept of less is more , more and more every day...

    I'm not a fan of surprises either. Two candidates for mayor is manageable.Good luck with e elections next week.

    You are hooking in style.

    Have a great sleep. Hugs, JB

  2. You are so funny, so was dinner the olives? I am glad that you don't have as many candidates as you have in the past. At least it will be over soon and not 4***years. :) I am sick of elections.
    Have a great Wednesday!

  3. I am so thoroughly sick of the negative ads and telephone calls this election period. I will be glad when it is over.

  4. Hi Kim, less is more???? Glad no election here, so tired of them. Blessings Francine.

  5. Hi Kim, I will be so glad when the election is over with. There is so much false information out there and my answering machine gets full of ads. I know it will only get worse when it gets close to time. I hope you post a picture of your rug when you get it done. Have a great day. Your Missouri Friend.

  6. I think what it says is that people are finally realizing that being in politics is no fun! Who in their right mind would want to run for office today? I love your evening solution ~ if all else fails ~ have a cocktail!

  7. my daughter is city clerk here in town and also in does the elections and city council meetings everyother monday night. gets to be alot... i tell her to not try to do to much when she gets home but busy with a 6 yr old... hope you enjoy your day kim! and all is well.

  8. Those poor olives! You are so cruel to drown them. ;) So glad it was easier than you thought.

  9. I'll take hooking with a splash of Grey Goose any day!

  10. Ah the noble olive! Ready and willing to give its little green life for us, drowned amid the sanity-sustaining goose whenever called upon, whenever such sacrifice is required..... To add insult to injury some of us even continue the practice of spearing them with those little plastic sabres - just for looks (hanging my head in shame).

    Glad I'm not an olive

    Tho life would be simpler at times if I were, lol