Saturday, March 26, 2016

Success and random bits

Still obsessed with hot cross buns I planned on making my own this morning.  I had recipes and raisins but unfortunately I was lacking ambition.  So I went to the downtown local foods market and found these
And they were perfect.  Exactly as I remembered and no crazy fruity bits.  Happy girl!   I also sold my sofa bed.  It was picked up this afternoon.  It was awkward, in the way and just didn't work anywhere.  So now I need to find something else for the den maybe my sewing machine might find a permanent home, or maybe a little office.  Everything is an option right now.  It's an odd little room.   Most of the rest of the day belonged to Abby who was exceptionally clingy today.  She HAD to be touching me
And if I dared to move or readjust myself I got kisses until I stayed still
She's so hard to resist.  I can assume that since she was cuddly and snuggly most of the day, she we want to run wild all night.  But the Easter bunny must have been here while we were out walking.  A new sweater was peeking out of the mailbox
I have to share this little Abby story.  Whenever I take her to aunties, she's a brat.  She always does something she shouldn't.  We went there to have supper with Auntie on Good Friday.  We were there 10 minutes when we looked in the living room
While we were setting the table Abby found Aunties laundry and had gathered a pile of socks "to play with".  Auntie was not amused.    P.S.  I thought it was pretty funny 😛  


  1. I think it's pretty dang cute and funny myself. Glad you got your hot cross buns.

  2. Abbey likes socks but I bet she was looking for dirty socks instead.
    I'm glad you got your old fashion hot cross buns. Mine are half gone already.

  3. Love Abby's new Easter sweater....the pastels look wonderful with her dark hair.... Too funny about Auntie's socks.....I had a cat once who sensed people who were not cat people, and oh the things he would do to them.... I'm at a loss as to what to say about the hot cross bun conspiracy....Truth be told, I have never, ever, eaten one, so I would have been none the wiser when they started putting in fruity chunks. Hey....maybe it's a fruitcake support group or something?? You one likes fruitcake, so they started putting the candied fruit in hot cross buns hoping to convert the world??? Ok...I think it's Chardonnay time. ;o) Happy Easter my friend (and Abby too!!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Abby is so darn cute!!!!! Glad you got the hot crossed buns Kim, Happy Easter!!! Hugs Francine.

  5. She is just too ornery ~ and cute.
    LOVE the auntie story.
    Happy Easter,

  6. Glad you found some good buns!

    Some of our cats like to play with socks too. And as Julia guessed, they like the dirty ones best.

  7. Hi Kim,
    Those hot cross buns look yummy and so glad you found the right ones! I would not like those fruit bits either!! Abby looks wonderful in her stylish new sweater and her sock game made me laugh!
    Happy Easter!
    Warm Hugs~

  8. I miss food like that, especially at the holidays, they look good.
    Abby is so funny, she is quite the character.


  9. YAYYY you found them! Good for you. :) Thats so funny what Robin said about the fruit cake support group. lol I am not a fruitcake fan either. She has quite a sense of humor. :)
    Funny Abby, poor Auntie. I hope they are still friends. Love Abby's new sweater.
    Happy Easter to both of you.
    Take care, Janet W HUGSc

  10. Jack and I were shopping today when I saw the hot cross buns and they had those fruity things in them! Yucky! Chubbs has been a bit clingy too but he's not into making any trouble...too funny! Have a nice Easter Sunday Kim! Abby needs a little bun treat!

  11. Good morning! George has those days, too. He stays as close as possible, all 100 pounds. It's as if he thinks I may forget that he thinks that I am his favorite human! Really? LOL

    I wonder if Abby knows where my missing socks might be...LOL

  12. Abby is such a cutie. I love the sock story. I am glad you found your hot cross buns. They had them at the store yesterday, and no fruity bits. I was looking to make sure there was no conspiracy going on here.
    I love Abby's new Easter sweater. Have a lovely Easter.

  13. Never had a hot cross bun...but would definitely not want the fruity bits either...maybe Abby has the spirit of a herder...she is so adorable being clingy...Melrose does that sometimes...then he falls into a sound sleep and forgets all about it...Happy Easter!

  14. My (Scottish) grandmother always had hot cross buns for us in the spring, but I haven't found any here that I like as much. And aren't doggies supposed to be naughty?

  15. Abby is such a little sweetheart! <3

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