Sunday, March 20, 2016


I really started my "spring dance" first thing yesterday morning.  I came downstairs, grabbed Abby's leash and bent down to put on my shoes and.........spider!   Giant spider on the wall about 2 inches from my face.   I screamed like one of those people in a cheesy horror movie.  I screamed so loud Abby took off and hid in the living room.   So after I whacked it with a shoe and coaxed Abby out of hiding, I went on a spring cleaning frenzy.  I hate spiders!   We did notice another sign of spring this morning.  Peeking out from the  dead grass, a little volunteer baby crocus
And some new sprouts peeking out from under the old dead leaves in the back garden
Unfortunately the weatherman is calling for a small snow storm tomorrow so these will all be covered in white tomorrow.  But at least it's not like last year.  Here's a little flashback reminder from this date last year
So I'm not complaining about a few inches tomorrow.   Even Abby is doing a happy dance.  This was taken St. Patrick's Day at doggie daycare.  So I suppose she was doing an Irish jig??


  1. Yes, the bugs come out in the spring, wonder where they were hiding before I find them, lol. We are getting spits of snow now, so will see how much we get when I wake up. Looks like Abby is showing off, is her boyfriend around?


  2. I am so glad your winter isn't like last year!! I have seen some big spiders this year. Thankfully they have been outside. I am so glad that Abby likes her day care.
    Your flowers are lovely. I am so happy it is spring too.

  3. We are getting a little snow my welcome home from vacation. Abby is getting so dang cute. Happy spring

  4. Good morning, Kim. I don't mind spiders, if I can see them coming. LOL I reached down to pick up a piece of lint yesterday. Hmmm, that lint has legs. Eight of them. LOL No snow here, but we are always looking for more rain. Everything is so pretty and green. Definitely Spring.

  5. The only spiders that frightens me in my house are those black jumping spiders. I hate them. The others don't scare me. I usually scoop them in a kleenex and put them outside. The jumpy one I quickly squish. I get shivers when I think of them.
    We're supposed to get a big storm and it just started to snow now and it's coming down fast.

    Cute Abby is showing off her dancing talent to the other dogs.
    Have a good week.

  6. I think Abby really enjoys her play pals. Well at least there are a few signs of spring popping up in your yard so perhaps this will be your last snow of the season.

  7. Lol, sorry for laughing at the spider story but I would do the same Kim. Happy Spring,Francine.

  8. Yuck! I am so NOT a spider lover. I think I even made a post about it in my blog. I had a very scary spider experience when I was a kid. I might just go find it and read it. It is so funny.
    Looks like Abby is enjoying life. :)
    Hope you don't get too much snow.
    Take care, Janet W

  9. Can't stand spiders either! That much snow is unbelievable to me. I have never experienced that much and hope I never will!
    Abby looks like she is having fun!

  10. It WAS spring here until today. Started snowing - about 7 inches on the ground an still snowing. It's supposed to melt fast but that doesn't mean I have to like it!

  11. I killed a snake by myself on Sunday!!!!
    I think I can now handle spiders.
    I had to sit down afterwards. Lol
    Great snow pics Amazing!

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