Sunday, December 13, 2015

What's Happening?

Damned if I know!  How did it get to be the middle of December?  My nice orderly little life has devolved into a chaotic mess.  All week I have lived in fear that someone would come to visit and I would be compelled to tell them I have a horrible contagious disease and they dare not enter.  The kitchen table is covered by my sewing machine and a pile of sale flyers and unopened mail.  The dining room is remnants of a variety of in-progress holiday mess
Why are there 2 pillows on the table?  I have no idea either.  Today I removed the barricade that kept Abby out of the dining  room  She is still having the occasional accident but I couldn't deal with the ugly makeshift barricade any longer.   This morning I put up the big tree at aunties  (no pictures, sorry)  We had it decorated and pretty by noon.  Then this afternoon I brought my skinny little tree in from the garage.    Here it stands, still naked but I didn't want to decorate it until I was sure Abby wasn't going to pull it down.  Every time she went near it I shook a mayonnaise jar full of nails and she hasn't gone near it all evening.  So tomorrow night it might get decorated   
I finally got around to binding one of my finished rugs.  Countless more to go but this is a start. 
The weather forecast says our first winter storm is coming late tomorrow.  Shovel and salt is ready and I went to the store tonight and got 2 bags of cheesies just in case.    I need longer weekends.   


  1. Kim you and me both! What a month the final disaster was I don't know how I did it but I backed into my hubbys truck. Lol
    Hugs cheri

  2. LOL Kim. My kitchen table looked the same until last week. Got it all cleaned off, put up my tiny tree with new place mats. I enjoyed it, for the few days it stayed clean. LOL Husband is working on scroll saw wooden ornaments and every night he brings them in for me to see. Unfortunately, he never takes them back out. I think he has plans for me to stain them and put on the string. Silly man...I have enough projects of my own! LOL

    I agree. I think I would prefer a week that is ALL weekend. LOL

  3. We all need longer weekends!!!
    I don't know how it got to be the middle of December either. We are having spring-like weather. Just unbelievably warm and I LOVE it!
    How sweet that you got Auntie's tree up.
    Hugs :)

  4. Hi Kim, when I saw your post my eye went directly to the shoe art on the wall...I love it!! I bet 99 percent of blogger's homes are on the messy side this time of year...there are not enough hours in the day!!!!Well, if a storm is heading your way it's just a matter of time before it hits us...Abby is being a good little girl...she must be on Santa's nice list!!Have a great week...

  5. I am with you on the longer weekends. Still no tree for us but that is fine. Your house looks cleaner than mine I tried all day to organize it and I have even gotten rid of things. No storms on our horizon enjoy the cheesies

  6. I know, the time seems to have just flown by. I can't believe that it's almost Christmas. It is my favorite time of the year. I just wish that we could have snow.

    I hope that your tree and Abby will be able to get along. :)
    Have a great week. Take care, Janet W

  7. I'm casting my vote for longer weekends too! :-) Love your little tree! Looking forward to seeing it decorated! I think everyone's home goes through the "pile o' mess" stage before it gets to "decorated ahhhhhhhh"! Merry Christmas!

  8. I was wondering what you were up to and missed seeing your posts! Kim, as you get older you will worry less about the "mess" and more about important things like friends, family and martinis.

  9. I would like a longer weekend too if I didn't had to work. 7 days week is a long week enough for me.

    My house is decorated finally but needs cleaning and tidying up, company is coming for Christmas this weekend, no baking done, no gifts wrapped, can't stand shopping...but I have wine so I'm almost ready.

    I love your skinny tree, just plug it in. I hope Abbey leaves it alone.


  10. I didn't realize you had been sick, thought it was work related that you weren't around. You've far more energy for this "santa thing" than me because I don't plan to put up any tree. Since I spend Christmas day at my son's house figure there's no need to go to the trouble of decorating like I used to only to take it down and put it away. I'm fine without a tree since I've my antique Santa and Deer hooked rug on the harvest table, a wreath on the door and a doll in the living room.

  11. I am so glad you are in the same boat as me. I am still in shock today is the 14 of December!!! I am just not ready for this yet. At least you are getting to bind something, I can't even manage to pick up a hook and sit for longer than five minutes. I think if anyone would believe me, I would say I had a disease. Isn't this late for your first storm? Or is this normal?
    I hope you have a lovely week this week. My house is in pretty much the same state. :)

  12. All of a sudden, I said, "middle of December...what?" haha...Seems to be a lot of that going around.

  13. I know, middle of December already, say what!!!!!!! Blessings Francine.

  14. I have to put my trees up early and let them just sit a few days before decorating also. My weapon of choice is a squirt bottle, but that might only work with cats. Melinda