Sunday, December 14, 2014


I got caught up in the "overwhelmingness" of the holidays lately.  It was a hard week.  But I spent a quiet weekend at home to regroup and get my bearings.  I feel better today.  

Now, I can't decide which "little white lie" to tell you about this picture.....

Is it my new table cloth??  Hmmmm, NO.   Is it my grown up blanket fort??  (Maybe....LOL)

Actually it's the only place I can dry my duvet.  Miss Millie (aka bad dog) had another "accident" yesterday morning.  Grrrrr.    After I washed this giant thing I discovered it won't fit in the dryer.  So my dining table is now a fort.   When I look at that photo I realize I REALLY need to get curtains for those windows!!  Maybe I'll make that my New Years Resolution ;)

So, a quick trip to the pet store and we now have a good supply of puppy pee pads.

And naturally, since I was all prepared, Millie didn't need the pads this morning.  Geez, what a dog!

In other news, my new Christmas Cactus is a recent amputee.  I found this on the floor beside it this morning 

See.....I told you my plants would rather self-harm than let me slowly torture them to death! 

I plan to spend the rest of the afternoon with Santa.  I'm working on the latest Pattern of the Month from Deanne Fitzpatrick.   This one is so cute.  


  1. Millie may have a health problem as this isn't normal for her. Better have her checked?

  2. Is Millie getting old in dog years? She may have some urinary infection.

    Your new Santa rug looks cute.


  3. I hope this is a lot better week that is almost here. I can wash mine but it will never fit in the dryer either.
    I like your pattern, that is going to be very cute.

  4. You should use it as a blanket fort it is good to hide now and then.
    I love that pattern I think I need to get in to the pattern of the month maybe after Christmas.
    have a better week.

  5. Yes. I know, another expense, but maybe Millie needs a trip to the vet.
    I think if you stick the broken cactus in dirt and keep it moist, it may root.
    Fun Santa rug!
    Hugs :)

  6. Awww, poor Millie...and you!! You're too much -- love your adult fort (where it's always Happy Hour, right!?). Also, I'm really loving that new Santa pattern!!

  7. LOVING that Santa pattern...can't wait to see it finished.
    I hope Millie will use the pads. Princess Downy won't use them or the thing called the Potty Patch that I tried to get her to use. You REALLY can't teach an old dog new tricks In her case :(
    I think having a fort is a great idea. And I love to color, honest :) Have fun with the fort. Give Millie a hug from Auntie Janet. :)

    Take care

  8. Urine infections often make dogs n cats pee but it can also be feelings of insecurity too lol good luck with that!
    A fab Santa pattern!!

  9. I hope Millie is OK...sorry about the duvet! Love the Santa project. Then again, I love Santa! Have a good week!