Monday, October 10, 2011

The Switch

This is one of last Fall's photos.  It has nothing to do with this post, but I didn't want to do a pic-less post.

Today was the traditional "switch" day.  It was time to switch out the seasonal clothes.

What a mess for awhile. Mountains of clothes piled up on the floors of all the bedrooms.  The washer and dryer were thumping since early morning.

All the cute shorts and T shirts are history for now and all the cozy, comfy sweaters are back on the shelves.

We kept busy all day and had leftovers to eat so it was nice not to have to cook - just microwave. 

Miss Millie was back to herself this morning, running around and begging for treats.   I think the sneaky culprits have learned their lesson about being too generous under the table.  There were quite a few barks, snorts and growls of protest during supper.  Millie is so funny when she is ticked off.  She is one little ball of attitude.

It's back to work tomorrow.  It is always so hard to get going the morning after a long weekend.


  1. Have a good day back at work tomorrow! sandie

  2. I did the rotation thing on Friday. It is such a nice feeling to get the winter things in and the summer things out. Though I did have to leave some shorts and some shirts as we have a couple of 90 degree days coming this week. I am so glad you had a nice three days.

  3. Well, miss Kim, you are certainly on the ball with organization. The best I could do was to put my sandals away and put my snow tires on.
    Yep, I've got those babies on free of charge and took advantage of the offer when I got my Dodge Caravan a few weeks ago. I've taken some winter clothes out of storage but haven't put away my summer cloths yet. Maybe after this heat wave.

    I'm glad that Millie is back to her old self.

  4. We don't do such a dramatic clothes shift here in CA. I do always get excited when I get to start wearing sweaters and boots again. We're having our traditional heat-wave-before-Halloween here and I think after that the weather will cool down. Looking forward to that!

  5. Is that my problem? I need to "switch out" my seasonal clothing and then my closets would be accessible??? One question though - where, exactly, do I PUT the off-season clothing??? I'm so confused. :O Glad to hear Miss Millie is back to her ol self. Don't ya just love holidays!!! Have a wonderful SHORT week Girlfriend....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. I don't switch out seasonal clothing...just the variety of sizes! LOL I have the pile of skinny clothes and the pile of chubby clothes...the ones I can actually breathe in. Glad to hear that Miss Millie is back to her old self!

  7. yes, the clothing switch will be on my next weekend to-do list, this weekend was rushing all the outside stuff

  8. I changed out my spring/summer clothes for fall/winter last week. And we've been in the upper 70s/low 80s ever since. And this happens to me every single year. Good grief. LOL

    Hope your day back to work was a good one!

  9. I keep a few warm weather clothes handy for those very few warm days of Oct....although 75 in Oct. does not feel like 75 in June!

  10. This is something I so need to do. I like that photo. I think that we need changes in our life or switches sometimes to keep us on track.

  11. You are so on the ball. the only thing I have done is put away all the do das from out side.

  12. When the kids were small I'd switch out seasonal clothes - but now, I just frequent different dresser drawers, or the other side of the closet!

  13. Goodness hard to believe that your weather is already turning colder. Your life is just so different than mine when it comes to weather. We are still in the high 80's and the AC's are going full blast.
    Wow you really worked your self getting all those clothes put away and winter ones out.
    Where in the world do you store all of the winter items.
    Hope you have a wonderful week