Saturday, October 22, 2011

A gift and a mess

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway from Jacque at The Doodles of my Mind.   If you follow her blog you know that she makes the most beautiful quilts.   And now I have a little quilted piece of my own.

She calls it Sun Kissed and trust me - her work is perfect.  Here is my little sun kissed quilt.

Thank you Jacque.  I love it.   Well that is the gift part of this post.  Now for the mess......

My hooking supplies are a MESS.  Today I got out a piece of  burlap and drew out a little primitive snowman.  I figured I could hook the majority of it from the scrap bag.  I have little bags of wool (cut and un-cut) tucked all over this house.  I wasted so much time looking around for a certain bag with the right colors.    Arrrgh,  I need an extra room in this house.  I got so fed up looking that I gave up. 

But at least the pattern is drawn.  Maybe tomorrow I will have the patience to attempt to organize the wool.    When I win the lottery I will build myself a little studio.  (Yeah, keep dreamin Kim )
But for now it is like a treasure hunt to find stuff. 


  1. Jacque's quilts are a work of art. I hope you find your wool stash. My "studio" is currently a mess as well. I dumped all my wool into that rolling cart. There's no rhyme or reason to it! I just hope the moths don't find it! Have a good weekend!

  2. I have stuff scattered everywhere. I sometimes think I will have it all in one place but hey, think of the exercise you get trying to find it.
    I love the little quilt Jacque made you, it is so pretty.
    I am so glad you won. I can't wait to see your little snowman.

  3. Kim, how so lucky to win that cute little quilt.
    Your wool's a mess? Did you ever wonder why they call those little strips of wool worm? They seem to crawl and get all tangled up in a mess every time.

    You are a good organizer with your summer and winter cloths, I'm sure you can tackle your wool. My stash is growing so much that I'm running out of room and I don't hook enough to ever even make a dent in it. PS. I hope that you win the LOTTO. Hugs, JB

  4. Congratulations sweet Kim - that little quilt truly does look like a sun-kissed gem....As for the mess - nope, not me - not going there - don't wanna even thing about it, own up to it, or confess.....(But someone PLEASSSEE help me!!!) ;o) Smiles & Messy Hugs ~ Robin

  5. The quilt is just beautiful and I'm sure you'll have the perfect spot for such a treasure!
    I understand the wool mess even though I'm not a"hooker". I am an artist/crafted though and so have lots of those supplies that in the past had all over the house too. I didn't win the lotto but hubby and sons put some standard simple cabinets in our furnace room that I now love. It keeps m e organized and though it's not beautiful, it's cozy in there and I like that. Maybe you might find a spot to do something like too.

  6. Cute little quilt and in a pumpkin color just right for the season!
    Yikes! We have that 'can't find it' problem too, and many times end up going out and buying a replacement, which we also lose! ha-ha!!! So you should probably go purchase some more wool if you can't find the colors you were looking for. Easy Fix!!!

  7. Jacque's stitching is wonderful! So happy you have a piece of sunshine to help get you through the Winter days! :-) During the organizing process you will be inspired to hook many rugs! ... wait a minute... did that just sound like a fortune cookie??!?! :-)

  8. I've been agonizing over the mess my closets are in. I threw out and donated alot of "stuff" this past week but I've only made a small dent. It's a start that I really need to finish. Congrats on that beautiful gift!