Monday, August 8, 2011

Maggie's Starfish

First, an update on Hobo Kitty (a name I have borrowed from Kim at My Field of Dreams)  After feeding time on the lawn ended, Momma Hobo Kitty and the kittens trotted off.  I haven't seen them since.  First thing I did this morning was check the back deck but since it is pouring rain, I'm guessing Momma has the kittens somewhere safe and dry.

And for those of you who thought I might actually lose my mind completely and keep them .............NO, that was never going to happen.   If they do start hanging around on a regular basis I will be developing a relocation program. 

The photo at the beginning of this post is one of my favorites.  I have never seen a starfish bleach out like this before.   Last year I place it on a large clam shell on the picnic table to dry and this is what happened.   I thought I would show it again, as I think of it when I look at my latest completed starfish rug.

I finished the whipping last night and it is ready to be shipped to sweet Maggie.   I hope she likes it.

I always find myself a little lost at the end of a project so what I usually do is knit a few of those crazy dishcloths until I am ready to decide on a new rug.   Yesterday while checking blogs I found a pattern for a round dishcloth on Miss The Sea's blog.   I had made a few of them years ago and then lost the pattern.  So I tried another one. 

As mentioned, it is pouring rain here so I am going to have to amuse myself indoors today.  I did buy a new hooking pattern but I'm not sure if I am in the mood to hook a snowman today.    Seems like quite a stretch to go from starfish to snowmen in a 24 hour period. 


  1. I love your dish towel. I am glad your Hobo kitty is gone. I have to do the relocation thing pretty quick. I was awake at 2:00AM trying to talk myself in either running a add in the newspaper or just hauling them to the dog pound. Either way it is going to be hard as my kids are so attached. Not me of course.:)
    I think your starfish rug turned out so pretty. You do such beautiful work.
    I also like your starfish that is on the table. I do love looking at starfish.
    Well, have fun inside today. It is hot and muggy here.

  2. I love your dishcloth. How pretty! The star fish is really interesting looking. cheri

  3. You are a gal of many talents my dear Kimmers...hooking; photography; and some pretty amazing knitting! Your starfish mat turned out so sweet - I'm sure Maggie is going to love it! And that photo of the star fish is wonderful...Do you know, I've never seen a real starfish in person....Kinda sad....They are so intricate and detailed....And, really?? No kitties??? don't know what furry lovin' you're missing....Hope the little family is safe and dry somewhere....Happy Monday, Sweetie! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Hi Kim, I'm glad the kitties have moved on altho their pictures were really cute. I love the dish cloth. To pretty too use. Have a great rainy day!

  5. Hi Kim, I'm glad the kitties have moved on altho their pictures were really cute. I love the dish cloth. To pretty too use. Have a great rainy day!

  6. That starfish rug is so pretty. I guess that's good to have Hobo kitty take her brood off to somewhere else. They were too cute though! I am going to try that dish cloth too. I love to knit, and can't crochet. My grandmother used to crochet pot holders like these...I still have some. These would make nice gifts though.

  7. Okay, I think my first comment is lost. GGGRRRR!
    That is a cool starfish pic. I can't figure out how it dried that way!
    Maggie is a lucky lady. She will LOVE your hooked piece.
    Sweet dishcloth. You are so talented :)

  8. very pretty dish towel! and yes many talents you are hiding! ;-)


  9. love your starfish real and pillow.


  10. Great looking starfish both the real one and the hooked one! I like the dishcloth too! So far I have only crocheted square ones... attempting to knit a circular one would put me over the edge.... lol!

  11. I'm in love with the starfish pillow - seriously!

    That has to be the prettiest dish cloth I've ever seen!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Balsamic Red Pepper Jelly! I like your idea of brie cheese! Yum! Oh, let's not forget the vino! Cheers!

  12. Maggie is one lucky gal! Love that starfish mat! I wish I knew how to knit those dishcloths..... it is so nice! Would make a great gift too!
    Are you sure the kitties have moved on and not just hiding under the porch? Have to tease you a little Kim!
    Cathy G

  13. Both starfish are just great. Lucky Maggie!

  14. What an interesting photo of a starfish. It looks like there are tiny starfish all over the big starfish. I agree that you are multi talented. Love that pink dishcloth.

    I'm glad that Maggie won your beautiful starfish mat. I hope that it will cheer her up. Hugs JB

  15. Oh yes Maggie will love it for sure. I am so excited and can not wait to get it.
    It turned out beautiful.
    Just please don't put a kitten in the box too. hahah
    I have three already I don't know what todo with.
    Love you sweet Kim

  16. I love the star fish rug. And the bleached out star fish is really pretty. Living in the Midwest I don't think I have ever seen a real star fish. Interesting to say the least.

  17. I am totally in love with this dishcloth. Wouldn't it be great to open up your kitchen drawer and see a gorgeous stack of them. The starfish pillow is also lovely. But that dishcloth is just so neat.