Monday, August 15, 2011

Bad decisions

Brace yourself, I feel a rant coming over me.  There are a couple of things today that have prompted this rant.  I'm wondering when it became so popular to make bad decisions.  Has society slid so far off the path?

First, this bizarre trend towards reality TV shows.  Not all qualify for this post but there are some that leave me scratching my head.  I stand before you and state that I have NEVER watched an episode of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.  My primary source of knowledge is from news stories, commercial promos or water cooler talk at the office.   I have never understood young women (or men for that matter) that compete on televison to "test drive" 25 strangers over a period of a few weeks to find their life mate.   And once the show is over and the relationship shockingly collapses, everyone is shocked that it didn't work out.   Seriously???

Tonight I watched a promo for The Bachelor Pad.  I don't know enough about the show to explain the premise accurately but I think its similar to the Bachelor but along with all the "test driving" there is a bonus of $250,000 to the winner.  The part of the news story that horrified me was the women were lined up in bikinis while the men pelted the ugliest one with paint filled eggs.   Again, I ask........Seriously??   Humilation, degradation, etc  but Hey, there's a quarter million on the line so I guess its OK .    Bahhhhhh.

Rant - Part 2

Yesterday a young woman fell to her death at Niagara Falls.  She was sitting on the railing, with her legs hanging over, to get her photo taken and lost her balance.  There are signs, warnings, security etc, yet people continue to hang over the railing.  So today, naturally there were multiple news crews on the site to cover the tragedy as searchers continue to look for her body.  A reporter captured another young woman doing the exact same thing.  She was maybe 20-25 years old.   He asked her if she had heard of the tragedy.  Yes, she says she heard about it.   So he then asks her why she would do the same thing today, knowing the risks.   She smiles, giggles and says well "I feel bad but I just wanted a quick picture and its no big deal".   NO BIG DEAL.............Seriously???

Each year during Hurricane/Tropical Storm season, dozens of people flock to Peggy's Cove to watch the ferocious waves crash up on the rocks around the famous lighthouse.  There are warnings and depending on the severity of the storm,  Police Officers have been placed there to deter people from putting their lives in danger.   Every single year someone gets swept into the sea, and rescuers risk their own lifes to save these morons.  Last year, a rescuer lost his life trying to save someone who refused to heed the warnings.

OK, that's enough.  I'm done ranting for tonight.  I wonder if this train of thought has anything to do with the longest Monday afer vacation ever??  Yes, it was not an easy first day back to work.  :)     


  1. Kim ~
    Rant all you want!
    I have to say I've never seen ANY reality show. I'm actually one of those rare people who do not have a working TV. When people hear me say that, they look at me like I have 2 heads and 3 arms! Oh, well. I have better ways to waste my on the!
    Very sad about the tragedy at the Falls, but you can't cure stupid!
    I hope tomorrow will be a better day at work!
    Pug hugs :)

  2. I have to agree with you 100%! Some people are complete idiots! I also seen that commercial you are talking about and I about died! I just can't imagine. I also have never watched the other bachelor shows. I always tell my husband when I see the commercials for those that if they were such a catch then they would already be married. There must be something wrong with them because they are all usually very good looking and skinny people so why is it that they aren't married? There has to be something wrong with them!

  3. Rant on, dear Kim, rant on....Just don't get me wound up and started....I've had a cranky sort of day myself. But thanks for reinforcing my commitment to steer clear of reality shows....I thought that whole swimsuit competition was boo hoo'd in the beauty pageants way back when....and now a stupid buy-a-date show is doing basically the same thing? Well, guess when you think about it, it isn't really that far removed from mail-order brides and such. Too bad duct tape can't fix stupid. As for the girl on the rail. I'm not sure if that stupid or sad...or just sadly stupid....Hope your Tuesday is better!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. If these shows are based on reality then I guess we have a pretty badly screwed up society! No new news there I guess!
    Rant on all you need to Kim!
    Hoping your week after goes quickly!
    Cathy G

  5. Oh I totally get what you are saying!! Rant away! Kinda been there myself lately.

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  7. True, true, true and true! I agree with you on all of them! Sometime I don't even turn on the tv...

  8. Hey, Kim, I LOVE a good rant!
    I've never watched those tacky find-a-loser shows. Cathy is right. If that's 'reality' we're in trouble!
    And along with the sad fact that a girl died from her own foolishness at Niagra Falls, there will probably be a lawsuit and plans for a future ten-foot-high chain link fence to 'protect' others from doing something stupid! What ever happened to taking responsibility for one's own actions???
    Hope you day is better today!

  9. I love a good rant, too. So carry on! Plus, you rant rather well! Our society places so much emphasis on applauding the stupidity of people. Garish and stupid seems to sell...or so the producers think. I think they ought to try a "feel good" show and see that there are folks out there looking for something better to watch...'cuz there's not much worth tuning into now!
    Hope your week looks better soon.

  10. Kim - I have never seen a reality show. If that's reality leave me out! We ought to be ashamed of ourselves to get caught up in such programs.

    As to the stupidity at the Falls, are any young people disciplined these days or do they play by the rules? They seem to think that they are invincible! RANT ON FOR ALL OF US.

  11. I really really don't like reality shows. I tried to get into it once, but no. I watch TV to escape reality, not watch someone else's!

    That girl who took a pic in the same place where the first girl fell? What an idiot. She does NOT feel bad. Not one bit. No big deal? IDIOT! It is a big deal!! Not only does she make herself look stupid, she also disrespects the situation. The fact that a person has lost her life so recently. C'mon its common sense?

  12. Rant that should be my name. It must be a weird start of a week. I saw the news about that woman falling over the waterfall.So sad and preventable. A month ago at Yosemite three young people fell over a waterfall one after another trying to help each other. Same reason as niagara falls. It's all so dumb a reason to lose your life.

  13. You rant and I'll rave! I totally agree!

  14. I hear ya sister. I can't stand most reality shows. There are a couple - Undercover Boss and that one where they're on an extreme expedition in Morrocco. Shoot... my memory... But my point is that in both you see some of the best qualities in people come out and it's heartwarming. I DO NOT like reality shows that showcase bad, stupid, or cruel behavior. I don't find it funny or amusing or entertaining. Just painful. I've kind of had it with people doing mean or stupid things just because they feel entitled.

  15. I read your rant as I am watching american pickers and waiting for picker sisters to come on. I saw a commercial for dance mothers that would fit your rant. I agree with you that society is so off kilter. and if you decide to not heed warnings then no rescue, no need to lose 2 lives. Sorry your monday was so long my tuesday almost did me in I hope the rest of the week goes better for you.

  16. Agree, agree, agree! And still I will watch reality "Survivor" with entertaining guilty pleasure.
    Seriously though, the Niagra thing is just a terrible tragedy! You preach on, sister!!

  17. OMG, have you seen Tiara's and Tantrums or the show titled Dance Moms. Don't give it house room you will feel your blood pressure rising as you watch it. My daughter who is home from college watches them all all the time. I usually pop on the computer if she is on a marathon of reality watching. Being married to a police officer I have heard numerous stupidity stories. It is just so sad when it ends up in tragedy.

  18. Hi Kim,
    You go girl! ... That is why we have warnings on plastic bags ... Society of idiots! At some point we stopped using our brains. Nuff said ,,,
    Have a great week ...

  19. Hi Kim, I have been "out of the loop" for a while but am trying to read everyone's posts now. Enjoy every post you write. The only show I enjoy a lot is "America's Got Talent" soon, we should be able to see what talent Canadians have...

  20. Kim: Thank you for this post. I'm SO with you on this stuff. The entire genre of "reality" shows (all of which I suspect are scripted) has just had me flamboozled. I don't know why these have so much appeal. It embarrasses me the way Americans have thrown themselves into these things. Hey, people...pick up a book now and then and truly enrich your life.

    As for the girl at Niagra Falls...well we would say, in our household, that it's natural selection. The unfortunate part is when the emergency people risk their lives to recover bodies. We have an extremely tall bridge over a huge gorge just outside of Taos, and people come regularly to jump off it (no kidding). Then it's a day when the bridge may be closed while climbers and/or expensive helicopters come out to risk themselves to go scoop up the leftovers. One guy a few years ago came to bungie jump (forgive my spelling) and his line was too long and he just crashed on the rocks. When an entire group of (unpaid) rescue people got down there, he was happily munching away on an apple and nursing a broken leg. I heard they were going to make him pay for his rescue. I hope they did.