Sunday, June 30, 2013

The therapy of the hook

This weekend has been a wild ride!  But is seems like things may be finally on the upswing.   Hallelujah!

Here is the updates on all the hoopla.  First Momma's flu seems to be subsiding.  And her facial swelling is almost gone.  It appears it wasn't a reaction to the pills as I suspected.  She has an oral infection but it looks like I have that under control right now.  Tonight she is a little brighter and no sign of fever tonight. 

And Mary is doing OK too.  She underwent surgery last night.  They replaced the ball In her hip and during surgery discovered her femur was fractured also so they had to insert a rod.  I called the hospital this morning and I actually got to talk to her for a few minutes.  It was so wonderful to hear her voice but with all the pent up stress, when I hung up the phone I just sat and sobbed.  I guess I needed a release.  Her daughter called later in the day and she was up and walking the halls with a physical therapist.  Amazing!  She should be transferred to a rehab facility in a week.  

Thanks for the comments and emails on my last 2 posts.  Blog pals are so kind and supportive.  

Now it's time for a little therapy for me.  And for me, sitting with the hook and a pile of wool strips is therapeutic.
I've drawn a simple but funky sheep to pass the rest of the weekend.  This should hook up quickly and the other new pattern I ordered should be here early next week.  And my kind of therapy also includes a healthy dose of junk food.  
A bag of sour cream and onion rings should do the trick!  

Don't forget the pending google reader demise.  I've joined Bloglovin so you can follow me there.  The button is on my sidebar.  Joining up is easy and transferring all your favorite blogs can be done in one click.  Simple!


  1. Kim ~
    Glad mom is doing better and just read the last post about Mary. I am so sorry to hear but glad that she is already on the mend. At her age, it can be tough.
    I love your funky little sheep!!!
    Happy hooking :)

  2. I am glad to hear that you mom is doing better, and I'm sending the best wishes for Mary.

    I suspect I have to have a Facebook account to go with Bloglovin', so that won't happen. Hopefully I won't "lose" you. We'll have to see what happens.

  3. Hi Kim, oh thank goodness your Mom is doing better, hope the same for Mary..... I hoper I will not lose you either, not to sure what to do.... Happy Canada Day, Francine.

  4. Wow Kim,
    You sure have had a lot to deal with there lately! I am so behind on my blog reading but I've been reading your older posts. So glad to hear things are going better now. I hope your dear Mom keeps on the mend and that Mary heals quickly! You take care of yourself too! Your little sheep rug will surely help you relax and settle those nerves!
    Big Hugs!!
    Cathy G

  5. oh my, I understand why you need those onion rings! The sheep is cute and can't wait to se him finished. For some reason I like to drink coffee when I'm stressed. It might not be relaxing, but it is comforting I guess. And hooking sure is relaxing! May the rest of your week be stress-free! :-)

  6. Oh, I forgot to ask... google reader demise? What about the blog list most of us have on our blogs...will that go too? I guess I didn't hear about this.

  7. Glad everyone is doing better Kim, that's great news! I like your funky sheep!

  8. Sounds like things are under control now - what a few days you have had! Glad you took some time to hook and breathe deeply. Take Care!

  9. I'm glad that things are under control and your love ones are on the mend.
    That a great fluffy sheep design and it should bring you lots of relaxation for a little while.
    So sorry you didn't get to see Mary and her husband this time but you are a blessing to them by your caring.


  10. I'm glad things are looking up...!!! As they say, "you've got a lot on your plate" and you were due for a little sob fest after all that stuff! :). Happy Monday!

  11. I am so glad things are better. I bet you did cry.
    what a wild weekend.
    I hope that today is a very nice day for you. Enjoy that hooking!

  12. Gads! I seem to have stepped away during a rough patch for you! So sorry, but glad things are righting themselves a bit. That sheep is adorable and those rings? mmmmmmmm

  13. Glad all is is amazing when our patients are up and walking the same day as surgery but it's so important to keep moving and get into rehab. The worst place to be is a hospital for getting well! Love the will look really cute when finished! I joined bloglovin too..just not sure about the whole change thing from google reader..

  14. I'm glad Mom is doing better, and I hope you are, too. Poor thing - you've had your share of stress lately! How wonderful that your aunt is up and around, and that the surgery was able to fix her right up. Your new rug looks cute, and creativity is a wonderful stress-release! You go girl - eat those Funions right up!

  15. Kim
    Sometimes a good cry helps to wash away that pent up stress!
    Thank goodness things are looking up and your Mom and your Aunt are on the road to recovery.
    I like your silly, happy looking lamb. Can't wait to see it finished!

  16. Stitching, Rug Hooking , Punch Needle - all ways to ponder the day. They provide us with a few moments of peacefulness.
    Love your sweet little sheep !

  17. Like your whimsical sheep and sometimes a little junk food is just the ticket!

  18. Kim I am just trying to catch up on my Feedly reader. It has been crazy at our house. I am sorry about your Mom's flu and CH had an oral infection a couple of years ago~no fun! Sorry about Mary and glad she is doing better. Man I don't ever want to get this far behind on blogs! Take care! I am ready for junk food and a mojito and it is only 8:30am!

  19. I'm so sorry I didn't see this post sooner. I have been sporadic at best on the computer. Not being able to leave a comforting comment does not feel well with me. I know how dangerous it is for the elderly to have the flu. Glad to hear your mom is feeling better.