Friday, June 14, 2013

Songbirds and disappearing sheep

The week ended on a busy note ~ good but busy. Last night one of my friends was having her musical debut, singing at Open Mic night at the downtown Pub. She has been practicing for weeks. So I gathered together a bunch of friends and we went down to support her. She did great! There was a good crowd there and she had two tables full of friendly faces to hopefully take the edge off the nerves. But if she was as nervous as she said, she didn't show it.

Yesterday I also stopped at the rug hooking studio to look for options to solve the disappearing sheep issue. We hummed and hawed over lots of different choices and finally settled on some wool. I am loving the background pale plaid I am using.

I've decided to wait to replace the sheeps wool until the end. But as you can see, in its current state the sheep has disappeared.

I should have this done before the end of the weekend with the "new and improved" sheep. I didn't hook much today. I had the day off and poked around town running errands. And luckily on one of my jaunts I noticed the Fish Man's Truck parked. He had fresh flounder so guess what I fried up for supper........ I have enough left for lunch tomorrow. Fish tacos perhaps.

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  1. It sounds like it was lots of fun at the pub with friends. I sang at weddings and funerals but never in a pub, lol.

    I love fresh fish and I find it hard to get fish that really taste fresh since we are not living next to the ocean.

    Your rug is really zipping along. It won't be a long wait before you're done hooking.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. You r life seems so different then here - a lot of fun!

  3. Your background wool is gorgeous.. but you are right your sheep has disappeared. Can't wait to see how you fix this.

  4. How about out lining the sheep? I love your background. Fresh fish yummmmy.

  5. More peeks?!!! I had a delicious grouper Thursday night.. :)

  6. It's coming together. I stil have faith you will work out the sheep issue.


  7. Oooooh, fish tacos!