Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Chats on the Porch

It seems like a long while since I have joined up with the Chats on the Farmhouse Porch, hosted by the lovely Patrice.

Sometimes it seems like I either don't have time to post on Chat day or else I have some other burning issue to blab about, that in my mind just can't wait.  Haha (kidding)

But I'm here now, so lets get to this weeks questions before I get distracted again.

  1. When it comes to vegetables, which do you use more often- canned frozen, or fresh?
I would have to say mostly fresh.  Sometimes I wonder if the grocery store and I share some kind of magnetic force field because I find myself there 2 or 3 times a week picking up something.

2.   Do you sew?
Hmmm, I do own a sewing machine.  And I can operate it at the "most basic level" but I would be lying if I didn't say it was a exercise in frustration and I often can be heard muttering not nice words when seated at the machine ;)

3.  Do you have a common fear, such as the fear of heights, spiders, snakes, small spaces, flying, etc?
Gee, where do I begin??  Well, spiders and snakes are a given.  But let's not forget Clowns.  I'm already dreading summer festival season when those creepy, face-painted psychos will be running around.  (Shudder)   Honestly, I think I would rather be alone with a spider than a clown!!!

4.  Is there anything you recommend for cutting the grocery bill?
No, sorry.  Wish I did have a plan for that.  See answer #1 and my unhealthy attraction to the grocery store

5.  Tell me about something that made you happy over the past week.
My first thought was those types of events have been few and far between this week.  Except for one great thing today.  BUT I'm saving that for tomorrow's post.  (So don't forget to come back)

Thanks to Patrice for hosting our Chats


  1. I love reading your answers Kim but I had to laugh about your fear of clowns. Maybe you may want to ban them from your town during summer festival...

    I'm guilty too of not doing the chat. For some reason I can't seem to cut and paste text succesfully. Pictures are no problems but text don't work and I'm just to busy to type all the questions in.

    My anwers
    #1 Fresh veggies everyday, occasionally frozen, like peas and corn.
    #2 I can sew but seldom have time
    #3 Fear loosing connecting flights when I travel which is not often.
    #4 I stock on grocery and houshold items when they are on special and a garden is a good way to save too.
    #5 I'm so happy that May is gone and the cold weather.

    Have a great week.
    I buy canned corn for chowders sometime.

    1. Hi kim, I came by to check comments on your blog and had to laugh at myself on my comment.
      How the hell did that last line eneded up at the bottom of my comment as an after thought!!!


  2. lol....spiders and snakes a given here too.

  3. Kim ~
    You just crack me up :) I knew you were afraid of clowns, but is there a name for that phobia? I bet you can come up with a good one.
    Hugs :)

  4. I laughed out loud at your fears! So with you on this one! We had a snake show up in the barn; I wouldn't go out there for a day or two because I thought he would be waiting for me. That makes so much sense, doesn't it? Like he didn't have something else to do, right??

    I have almost half of my hooked mat Courtney sent me done! It is a Pat Cross "Two Stars" mat. Loving it!

  5. Kim honey your too darn funny. I laughed about rather being alone with a spider than a clown. haha
    So glad I came by tonight I love learning more things about you.
    I have missed you and am a horrible blogger here lately. Keep thinking I am going to be a better blogger and keep up with my friends on a regular basis like the old days.
    Hope there are no clowns in your life right now.

  6. I am fascinated by people who are afraid of clowns! You are the second one I now know.

  7. i never had a fear of clown until i saw "It" by Steven King ... & now i can't stand them ... really dislike them. such silly folks. i know plenty of folks who dislike them too!! ( :
    have a great week.

  8. I'm with you on clowns... they are scary. I had an aunt who I loved dearly but she collected clowns and her house creeped me out. So glad they usually came to our house to visit!

  9. I'm loving the suspense...be back tomorrow!! ;)

  10. Absolutely love your answers....and I sooo agree about the clowns...Reading the comments..I never realized how many of us actually are freaked out by them. So funny...dont feel such a wimp now
    Thank you for sharing
    Phoebe x

  11. It's funny that you mentioned the fear of clowns. My sister used to work as a clown. She knew that kids were afraid of clowns, so she would arrive as herself at a kid's party and put on her make-up with the kids seated in a big circle with her on the floor. Then she'd slip on her costume and play games. It was interesting to see that the kids who came afraid of clowns were not afraid of her. She is very sweet and soft spoken. That combined with letting them see her "become" a clown, made it a good thing for parties. :)
    Oh- SO glad to have you drop by for a chat!

  12. I am not a fan of clowns either. Nor the people in costumes at Disneyland. I always go far, far away.
    It is nice to see you doing the chat.

  13. I agree, spiders and snakes, yuck! Clowns aren't my favorite either!

  14. I am at the grocery store constantly too! It's like I can't stay away. lol Glad I'm not the only one.