Friday, June 21, 2013

Meet Diggory

I'd like you to meet the varmint who has taken up residence on my property.  I've named him Diggory because he is a destructive little pest.   These photos are ones I took a year or so ago when he first appeared.  At the time I assumed he was just passing by and stopped for a photo shoot.  Little did I know he was on a real estate quest and was moving in. 
In hindsight I realize it was a bit foolhardy to stomp on the deck without looking to see what was down there when I heard the rustling beneath me.  I hadn't even considered it might have been a skunk.  (Shudder). That would have been ugly.   And stinky. 

I've been preparing my arsenal.  Attention Diggory, I'm on a mission.  You're hide is mine.  Consider this your first warning!

Tomorrow is the Sackville Farmers Market.  I can almost taste the German baking.   Mmmmm

P.S.  I thought I had a happy update.  BlogPress reverted back to the previous editor version.  I was so excited to write this post, quick and easy and as I hit publish it crashed.   Arrgh.  So I'm learning to love this Blogger app.  ( no ) 


  1. I hope Diggery is history soon!
    Happy weekend to you.
    Hugs :)

  2. Good luck with diggory, but you got me at German baking!!

  3. Cute little guy that Diggory! I hear they're quite fond of German baking too! LOL!
    Have fun at the Farmer's Market.... our outdoor markets are opening this weekend too.
    Cathy G

  4. I'm eagerly awaiting our farmer's July..have fun at yours. Diggory needs to go..good luck! Have a good weekend!

  5. When we had a critter like that living under our back porch we were able to get a trap from the county. After we caught the little bugger a county animal control person came and took him far, far away.

  6. Hello :) Love that name Diggory. We have a groundhog too and I named it Giovanni... lol, because he looked very healthy and his coat was pristine. But, if they cause too much trouble, we have a trap to catch them in and take them to a more rural area for them to frolic. Enjoy the Farmer's Market!


  7. Morning Kim, Diggory looks ready for battle too, LOL!!! enjoy the German baking at the market, Happy Summer, Francine.

  8. Happy Summer Kim....
    I like the name Diggory, I hope he doesn't get too attached to his lush residence. Good luck with trapping that destructive flea bag.

    Have fun at the Market and the German bakery and enjoy your weekend.

  9. I hope you are soon able to send Diggory packing!

  10. I am glad it wasn't a skunk either. Wow that would have been dangerous.
    I hope you get rid of your friend soon, or you could always give him snacks like corn tortillas and bread. :)
    He is really kind of cute. Have a lovely day.

  11. Diggory already has a look of distrust towards you! I think he/she is planning options. Have fun at the Farmer's Market!

  12. Trade you a cute lil' digging thing for a few slippery, slimy, gross things???? Nahhh...didn't think so. I think he's sweet....then again, he's not in MY yard.... Good luck with that! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  13. Wow , I have never seen a groundhog in someones yard.Impressive little guy!

  14. Love farmers markets. Funny I should stumble right upon this post as just this morning I saw a groundhog ambling happily along the side of the country road. I suppose he will amble happily as long as he doesn't try to cross the road without looking both ways .