Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Master Gardener

I get so jealous when I see the photos of your beautiful flower gardens and all the creative landscaping that many of you post.  I have always maintained that I must have a black thumb because I sure don't have a green thumb.   I can't grow anything!

But the other day when I was sitting on the back deck, I saw something.  Something I grew.....
(Prepare to be wowed....)

Yes these weeds are growing right up through the deck!  Lol. But it just goes to prove that I can grow "something". 
Yes, I did trim them so they are gone now.

But as I was sitting there admiring my plant growing skills, I heard a rustling underneath me.   I peeked over the side of the deck and saw this

Can you see that big bushy tail sticking out from under the deck?  I stomped my feet that that stupid groundhog (or whatever he is) scampered away.  This is the critter who made Swiss cheese out of my lawn the past 2 years.  I think a hunting plan is in order soon.  He's big, he's ugly, and he's destructive.   

I'm still practicing with the iPad apps.  The post is done with the blogger app.  BlogPress is still annoying me. 


  1. Happy hunting :) I hope you are successful. I love the sun/shadow picture even though there is a tail sticking out of it.
    See, you can grow something!!!
    Hugs :)

  2. Oh, what a pest! I wish you well "exterminating" it.

  3. Hi Kim, I knew that you could grow something. It actually looks nice and green. A weed is an undesired plant and I have millions of them.They grow by themselves in my big flowerbed by the hedge without any help from me.

    I tackled that one today. I've been putting it off like the plague. It was and it still is like a jungle in there, no kidding. A tangled mess of all the weeds you can imagine and mosquitos and tiny no-see-em that stings and set me on fire with itch. I even got stung in the eye. I'm all bent over with back pain and I only got a little bit done with 4 big wheelbarrow full of weeds already. Don't envy me. I work till my fingers hurt from pulling weeds. And in a little while, I have to do it all over again.

    I garden because I love to work in the dirt and I love to see things grow from a tiny plant or seed and then I divide and plant some more.

    Oh that little rascal of a gopher is a nuisance. I'm glad that he's not a skunk with you stomping your feet. That would have been a disaster. I wonder if you can get a trap from Natural Resources to catch it. I hope that he's alone.


  4. Yeah, hope you can get rid of the furry critter. They're such a nuisance! We have moles here, so had to get some grub killer. Evidently, kill the grubs and the moles go away. that's the theory, anyway.

  5. Lol, at least it was a pretty green weed!

  6. Do you want me to send you some pics of our yard to make you feel better? I could also send a list of the things that are growing because I guarantee you it has nothing to do with any tending!

  7. Well it was pretty. It looked like it could have been something. I don't like hearing critters anywhere. I would have freaked out.
    Your blog looks all back to normal. Are you off tomorrow?

  8. The weed is a"for sure", but are you sure that's a grounding? Looks like a skunk to me! (Just kidding!)

  9. Your flower was pretty, sorta looked like a seedling tree.

    Not sure if that's a groundhog, doesn't quite look like one of their tails. Looks more like a skunk or angora cat. :)


  10. Oh Kim! We had us a groundhog that dug herself a happy home under the concrete of our front porch. I think she was going to have a FAM-A-LEE! We trapped her and relocated her butt. She stunk! I am hoping that isn't a skunk. We had one of those too with 5 babies. Good luck!!