Friday, June 28, 2013

Confusion and Calamity

Ahh, Friday! The first day of my 4 day weekend full of summer fun.'s not exactly shaping up like a fiesta so far :(. I woke up and poor Momma has the flu. (The messy kind). She is now settled a bit on the sofa and I think I will try a little toast for her lunch. Fingers crossed she can keep that down. It's hard because she can't really verbalize what's wrong or how she feels. So I kind of have to wait to see what happens before I know what to give her. The good thing is that I was home today and not at work. I'm not sure poor Auntie could have coped alone this morning. It took the 2 of us to get her cleaned up.

The other news is this is the weekend my family arrives from Vermont for the month of July. I'm excited but always stressed until they pull in my driveway. At 82 and 83, it's a long drive for them and plus there is the crazy long weekend traffic on the highways. But for the past 3 evenings I have had some pretty funny phone calls from them. Last night I answer the phone and "Nanny" is yelling..."you won't believe what he did"....(this is often how these calls start Haha) Honestly, it could be anything but apparently he broke his glasses and they have to wait and get them fixed so they will be a day late leaving. He was suggesting that he could go to the Dollar Store and get reading glasses and then get his glasses fixed here. Ahhhh, he's half blind and considering driving 13 hours with dollar store reading glasses!!! I don't think so. What a man! Lol

So we have convinced him to wait, get them fixed and leave Saturday instead.

In other "scratch your head" news - today I got a new bank card in the mail. It says it can't be used until its activated. But then it also says it becomes activated the first time you use it. Huh? Am I missing something here? Lol

Happy Friday All

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  1. I'm sorry about your poor mom being sick with the flu but it's a blessing that you are there for her today. I hope it's just one of those 24 hours flu.
    When people get older their immune system is not as strong as a younger person.

    The weather looks crappy for the long weekend and for a while. No haying weather for us.

    Oh what a bummer for the poor soul to break his glasses just before leaving. It may be a blessing in disguise. Traffic will be heavy for the long weekend. I'll be waiting to hear from you that they arrive safely.

    We had to call a number to activate our credit card. Strange and confusing that it says it will be activated the first time you use it???

    I've added the Bloglovin button on my blog with no problem at all this week, very easy... I did exactly the same thing before and it wasn't uploading on my blog. I just don't know what happened or why it just froze. Maybe too many were trying at the same time. Who knows...

    I'll be thinking of you and your mom in my prayers.

  2. I am so sorry that your Mom has the flu. I had no idea it was even going around. It has taken Elliot all of 24 hours to get well.
    I am glad you were home today.
    that is so cute, he was just going to go to he dollar store to get glasses to drive.
    Well have good day, I will be praying for you all.

  3. Oh, my! I'm sorry your Mom is ill. Wishing her a quick recovery and that it doesn't spread to anyone else!

  4. Happy weekend, Kim! It's been a bear of a week, hasn't it? Hope your poor Mom is on the mend - poor you having to deal with it! Your approaching relatives sound delightful and will give you a lot of laughs and fun. Enjoy your time with them and your long weekend.

  5. Oh my goodness! Not the flu. Hope it is a quick one that is non-transmittable! Wow! Would love to be a bird on the wall when your guests arrive. The conversations must be a hoot at times!

  6. Sorry about your moms flu. Hope she is feeling better soon. Also hope all goes well with your family arriving from Vermont, they sound fun . Stay well .

  7. Hope your Mom gets to feeling better real fast. Have a great weekend.

    And who knows with banks, they are good at confusing everyone.


  8. hope your Mom feels better, and no one else gets it, hugs to the incoming, they sound fabulous, and lots of fun!

  9. Sounds like an interesting weekend ahead for you. Your post was sad but fun. Hope your mom gets over the flu and that the rest don't get it.