Thursday, June 6, 2013

Separation Anxiety

It happens every time. I should expect it by now. Although I'm always (I repeat, always) ecstatic when I sell a rug, I do get a little bit of separation anxiety when I part with it.

This last rug was designed by Deanne Fitzpatrick just for me. I had a spot in my office where it was destined to hang. I intended to list it for sale but I figured it would live in my office long enough to enjoy it or get tired of it before it sold.
But alas it appears this rug was not meant for me. The large blank wall will remain empty for now.

And now I'm faced with the next inevitable dilemma ........ what next?? I can't decide what the next project will be. I'm in a hooking mood with a package of new sharpies but an empty mind. Sigh.....

However I did manage to distract myself enough tonight at a surprise 40th birthday party for a friends husband. Lots of laughs and good food. And it was Open Mike night at the Pub so we had some nice background music too.

The week is winding down but the weather is winding up. Tomorrow night is our towns Relay for Life event and it looks like a post tropical storm will be passing through. If the forecast is correct, the tents might be floating away by morning. It's such a shame because so many people put in so much effort for this. Fingers crossed that the rain holds off.

Finally, thank you all for the lovely comments on my rug. I appreciate every one of you who read and/ or comment here. You always lift my spirits :)

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  1. Your rugs are so good everyone wants one! sandie

  2. I'm going to comment on this post AND the one below. Your new SOLD rug is so beautiful! And I know what you mean about the mixed feelings when you sell an item. I am that way about items I paint. I put so much into them I love them almost like children by the time I'm done with them. But congrats on the sale - you'll soon fall in love with your next project.
    Sounds like you've been having some fun outside of hooking your rugs - and that's always a good thing too. Carry on!

  3. As usual I am getting caught up with every one,Iam glad your having some fun. Cheri

  4. Ahh Kim, your rugs are so wonderful, glad they go to a good home, Francine.

  5. I am happy your rug got a good home too Kim!

  6. I am so happy your rug is going to a good home but you will come up with something soon. I admit to feeling that anxiety as well but I go from excitement when I first pick up the sharpie, to hating it about halfway to how will I ever give this up at the end. So I run all the emotions. I wonder if we need a support group. I hope you don't have to wear flippers.
    Yay for Fridays!!!

  7. That's what happens when you put so much of yourself in an art project. It becomes part of you. Selling it is bittersweet. Congratulations on such a nice piece and also for the quick sale.
    I hope that you willbe inspired again and that it will be even better than this last one if that is possible. It was a beauty.

    I hope that the Relay for Life will go on before the storm. That would be sad if the storm hits before it starts.


  8. You will come up with something for your next project and it will be great.


  9. Sometimes that happens... I've sold a few rugs (cheap)... just to make some room. I've got about 6 now that I just can't seem to part with. Maybe you can get Deanne to design another for you?

  10. While I am not a rug hooker, it is easy to see how one could become attached to the item. I'm eager to see what your next project turns out to be.

  11. If I am working on a project with the "intention" of selling it, I don't become attached at all! But, when it is something I don't have a plan for and then opt to sell it, well, it is like the goaties... who is the new Mom and will she love it as much as I would?? Is she nice? Clean? Careful? Will she do something messy with it -- like leave it in the rain or let the dog sleep on it?? You can see you are NOT alone in your separation anxiety At All! LOL

  12. I would have a hard time seeing it leave to but the money is always good. We are getting the rain right now and a bit of wind until tomorrow late after noon. Have a good weekend.

  13. I bet it is hard to sell something that you put so much time and effort into and also hoping to enjoy it longer! But making money does have some benefits too and you're so creative that I'm betting you'll find a great replacement. Good luck with Relay..ours was hit by a bad storm last Friday...I'll say a prayer that all goes well with yours. I've been on teams for years and we do put so much into this all year long and hope for 3 things to happen..1)Great weather..2)Great turnout..3)Great donations to help fight this horrible disease!