Saturday, April 30, 2011

On to the next thing

I tested out the hookers crack stuff today.  It is really a great way to transfer patterns.  I give it two thumbs up.  No more pins or slippage. 

I'm no good at giving tutorials and I can't take pictures with one hand but I'm sure you will figure it out.  (That is code for "it's so wasy even I can do it") 

First I drew out a little doodle on a sketch pad.  Doris sent me a bunny pattern but I seem to have bird houses on the brain so I thought that would be where I start.
I guess you can't really see in the picture.   The crack is a little sticky on one side so I just placed it on the sketch paper, trying to line it up on the ditch.   Then I traced out the pattern.

Then just peel off the paper and place the crack directly on the burlap.  It adheres to the burlap - NO PINS!  Then re-trace through the crack onto the burlap.
Easy Peasy!  While I was doing this today, our handyman stopped in.  (He has been AWOL for awhile)  I showed him the crack and asked him next time he goes to the building supply store to get me some.  He looked at me a little strange, but since he knew he was already on thin ice  he didn't ask too many questions.

Now its time to dig through my wool stash and get hooking.  The PIF  projects are finished and will go in the mail Monday.  Yeah!  


  1. Hey Kim, you gave a great one handed tutorial. Thanks. I have to try to get a piece of that stuff. I wonder if Home Depot sell it in small amount. Great little bird pattern BTW.

    Good luck with your sunflower seeds sprouting. They should be poking out very shortly. Let me know about the progress. Hugs, JB

  2. Jill, I'm so glad you liked the crack. It is so easy to use and to trace on. I use it all of the time and my students like it too.

  3. That was a great tutorial. I have to check this stuff out. I hate how the tulle netting I use moves around. Now that the crazy cat mat is done, I'm free to continue working on a little PIF for you! You are good to have them done and in the mail soon!

  4. Cool Beans. So you think it is easier than using a light box??? That's how I do it....Hmmmm.
    (Change comes slowly for this ol' crow...) (Love the pattern you just "whipped up!") Smiles, Robin

  5. What is this crack you speak of... do you buy it by the roll or by the sheet??? love your little birdhouse.

  6. When my daughter goes to work I am going to have her get some for me. That is so amazing and so easy. I bet I could use it on lots of things. I really don't like using a light box.
    So glad you did this.
    So did you ask your handy man where he has been?

  7. Kim...that is just adorable!! Crack and all!! You a re so good at the instructions that I think I could almost do it!!
    I'd rather watch you and admire..... :-)

  8. You make it look so easy that I might just have to try it!!

  9. Yay! Another satisfied user! lol! If I ever get to transferring patterns to linen more often... I will give this a try!

    Sunflowers should be sprouting soon!

  10. Question: do you think the crack can be reused? Maybe once or twice? More?

  11. Thanks for the information, Kim. I know I do not care for red dot. I use windown screen and it works quite well, but this looks even better since it's got a sticky side. Can the crack be rolled up and used again like screen can be?
    Hopefully your PIF will arrive some time this week.
    Hugs :)

  12. Hi Kim, Great tutorial!!! That looks like it would work better then the red dot. I have to look at it at home depot. Cheri

  13. I'm not a hooker, but the crack seems easy and fun! (I think that's a comment that could get me arrested!) Have fun!

  14. I can't wait to try this!! wonder why this is not well know rug hooking techique?

    excellent tip Kim, Tks.