Monday, April 25, 2011

Now it's official

Even though the calendar  said that Spring was here several weeks ago, there were very few visible signs around here.

Maybe it's my old fashioned tradition, but it seems like Spring isn't official until Easter arrives.  And the weekend didn't disappoint - beautiful spring weather -- it was no jackets and flip flops.  It wasn't just me either ~ the neighborhood was full of kids of bicycles and the occasional road hockey game broke out.

And the buds have finally finally started to appear.  I know that this may seem like not much to many of you in warmer climates but around here (after the looong winter) this IS a happy sign.

And the tulips in the front yard actually have a flower head now.   So in a few weeks I will see color.

Speaking of color, you know I have mentioned that I want to have a bunch of dwarf sunflowers in my backyard this year.  I should mention that I do not have a green thumb.  I have killed just about everything I have ever tried to grow.  Two years ago I planted a lovely snowball bush.  It was doing great and I thought the curse was over.  All of a sudden for no reason it just died.   My family actually suggested that it committed suicide to avoid my killing it.  Can you imagine??  What a family, eh.......Lol

Anyway, back to the sunflowers.  Today I bought some fiber pots and planted some seeds to get them started inside.
I think I'll post regular updates.  I don't know why I am so optimistic.  It is highly likely that nothing will happen.   And I am ridiculously impatient.  I know that tomorrow morning I will look - hoping to see a sprout.   See.....this is why I don't garden.

One last sign of Spring - Millie went missing for a short while today.  This is where I found her.

She goes to what ever room has the largest sun spot of the floor.  When the sun moves, so does she.  She is a bit annoyed that I temporarily blocked her sun to take the photo.

Thanks for your comments and advice on the bird houses.   My problem is I love them both but I have to gift one of them.  I think I will keep the red one and hope that Donnie makes lots more next winter and I will get myself another one.  (or two)

Back to the grind tomorrow. (sigh)


  1. Kim, I love the red birdhouse better. I saw it on TV so now it's a famous bird house.

    Who knew that Millie love sun bathing. She will need a little pair of sunglasses and maybe a bikini... Thanks for the signs of spring. It was a gorgeous day here today and warm. I dug out my sleeveless top and a pair of capri. I worked inside all day though :(

  2. So glad it is officially spring!!! Do you know why I grow sunflowers? Because it is the only thing I have never killed. I can't grow anything to save my life. That is how I started gardening was with sunflowers. They will grow. Don't worry.

  3. we had snow on Sat quite alot really and sunday was nice. we are getting some buds and my tulips are leaves only. so I would say that you are ahead of us. I with millie where is the sun?

  4. Kim ~
    Your weather is much better than ours! It was a beautiful day on Saturday and it's been downhill ever since. If we get any more rain, we will need to start on the ark! Sad thing is in a couple of months I'll be begging for rain. I guess there's just no pleasing me.
    My Loocie is the same way looking for some sunshine to lie in.
    Hugs :)

  5. I think Spring is here, but I have not started with one plant, flower, anything..

  6. Love sunflowers...our birds plant ours from the feeder seeds. They do wonderully (and those birds have an uncanny sense of garden design!) Unfortunately, they just get to the "wonderful" stage and we usually get hit with gale-force winds smacking them to the ground. So, I leave it to the sunflower gardening for me... Miss Millie is so dang cute! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  7. Millie looks cute! Sunflowers are my favorite flowers but I do have hardly any luck growing them except for last year.I either don't water them enough or the snails or grasshoppers get them. I don't know why growing seeds is so hard.It seems like forever!

  8. Glad things are springing up back there!! I have confidence that your sunflowers will sprout. That Millie is too darn cute!

  9. lol! Oh my goodness!!!! I am laughing so hard at the snowball bush story! lol! :-) Thanks for sharing that! Some things just grow better in some places than others. You're mini sunflowers are going to be beautiful! Keep the soil moist but not swamp and the shoots should happen in a week or so. And, keep them warm until they germinate and then lots of sun when they sprout. I can't wait to see them fill your garden! :-)

  10. Millie is so sweet basking in the sunshine! Glad to hear you've finally seen some spring. I look forward to your gardening reports! I'll have to live vicariously while my housing is in transition. Funny snowball bush story! I would have a very hard time giving one of the bird houses away!

  11. Millie and Eloise have the sun beam thing in common. Wherever the sun is so is Eloise. Millie looks adorable in the picture. Glad you decided on the red bird house - it is a winner!

  12. I'm glad you picked the red birdhouse. It was my favorite.

    Thanks for that quote. Spring in NM is my least favorite season and sometimes it's hard to be optimistic that warmer days will ever come. Snow this morning, 18F (-8C) tonight. Hope my lilac buds survive.

    Looking forward to seeing your sunflowers grow!

  13. Looking forward to seeing those sunflowers. We get excited here whtn we see those spring buds. 6 months of winter will do that to you, lol.