Friday, April 8, 2011

Hooker's Crack ??

Got your attention, didn't I......

I should state right off the top that the title of this post should
not be comfused with something
like "Plumber's crack"
Ewwwww !

Have you figured out what "Hooker's Crack" is yet ??


Yesterday while talking to a friend, the accountant called to say our taxes were done.  
And yes, there is a refund !
So then he says "Wow, you can buy a lot of Hooker's Crack with that".  (he meant wool people...)

I thought it was too funny because just like that other nasty illegal crack, we hookers get addicted to wool.  We can't get enough of it.  No stash is ever complete.
(As I re-read this post, I should note that I doubt anyone has ever gotten addicted to plumbers crack.....just saying)

Its TGIF and I'm feeling a little silly.  On another note, yesterday was Millie's 9th birthday. 


  1. Happy birthday to Millie! Yes, I should not be on the computer with the babies here and I saw your title and I just had to click. :) I love those colors and you are so right, maybe it is safer I live in a town where there is no wool stores.
    Well, gotta go, I hear a fight brewing.
    Have a great Friday and a great hooking weekend.

  2. Happy birthday for Millie! I know you love her so much. Love the wools. Cheri

  3. Happy Birthday to Sweet Millie! She doesn't look a day older! :-)
    I got my samples from Heaven's to Betsy today and my oh my! Our tax refund went to pay our prop. taxes....... I guess it's better to have a roof over head than hooker's crack in the closet!
    Celebrate with doggy cake!
    Cathy G

  4. Oh Kim, I'm all cracked up here reading your blog post. Yes, I'm addicted to crack Wool and we need to get organized and create a support group.

    Happy Birthday Sweet little Millie. Hope mama is treating you extra special today.

    We haven't started doing our taxes yet. Just tying some loose ends here and there before we start. I usually get a refund too and will spend some on doing small renovations in the spare bathroom. JB

  5. Hi Kim, Funny post. We run an addictions counseling clinic...We have not seen any wool addicts come through our doors yet though (unless you count me...the owner) I haven't sought treatment yet though.

    Happy Birthday to Millie.
    Have a great weekend and enjoy spending your refund!!

  6. Happy Birthday to Millie!! Give her an extra treat!

    Kim, still by the pool in FL. Too hot to think about wool but I did have to bring a rug to bind that someone asked me to bind for them and it needs to be done by the time I get back on Monday - yikes!

  7. Eloise and I send our best birthday wishes to Millie. I hope she had a good treat for her birthday dinner.

    Kim, do you know that there is a product called "crack" that hookers use to transfer patterns with? A great product that makes life easy and had nothing to do with that stuff you buy on the corner from the dealer!

  8. Awww...Happy Birthday Millie!! Hope you get lots of bones!

  9. Peanut says HAPPY BIRTHDAY to sweet Millie :)
    Kim, you just "crack" me up. You have the most wicked sense of humor.
    I ordered 3 yards of hooker crack this morning from the new Rebecca Erb flyer.
    Loved seeing your cute pics on Julia's blog.
    Pug hugs :)

  10. You crack me up, Kim! Happy bday to Millie.
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~

    FUN GIVEAWAY ends 4/10

  11. Happy Birthday Millie. Loved you post. One day I going to try rug hooking. Got to finish the other projects first. Have good weekend.

  12. I did my taxes on friday the 1st and I look at me bank account and it is here today yee haaa. I have a lot of crack but you are right there is never enough. I am going for a little splurge this weekend. (and I do mean little)
    Happy Birthday Millie and many many more

  13. Gus and I send Millie Happy Birthday wishes!

    Very funny post! I am definitely a wool addict...but, at least it's not fattening, you don't need an ID to buy it, and you can gather lots of wool and still drive--unless you're hooking with it, then you need a designated driver!

  14. Happy Birthday Millie! That's a nice selection of crack you have there! lol! I really like the 2 on the left... Enjoy the Hooker's High that comes with it!

  15. Happy Birthday to Millie...and I 'cracked' up over your header. We went to a restaurant with a friend and there was a woman sitting at the bar area and her crack was just exposing itself for God and everybody! I was embarassed for her!

  16. Happy Birthday Millie, I hope you get an extra treat today.
    Yes I am one of the addicted ones. Fabric and wool those are my vises.

  17. Omigosh, Kim, where do you get the pictures? Couldn't be a cuter one....LOL!!

    Happy Birthday to sweet Millie..hope she will get lots of treats today..

    I am not addicted to wool but I am to t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc...hope I get a refund so that I can visit the second hand stores...

    Have a great weekend...

  18. How funny you are...hooker's crack! Happy Birthday to Millie! She and Tag are the same age. Give her sweet kisses for us!

  19. lol I have heard of everything now. Hookers Crack is a good one. I thought when I first saw your title that you had been hanging around Ms. Pearl toooooo long. hahaha
    Wonderful your getting a refund. I get so mad every year for paying in...since I am single they really sock it to me. Makes me want to just give up sometimes.
    Been in bed all day but had to get up for a while and check on my friends.
    Hope you enjoy your stash.
    Love ya

  20. Mine is the dark melty kind...chocolate! Yours is prettier...have fun, Kim!
    Hey, it's getting warmer here...there's hope!

    (At least your accountant has a sense of humor...I don't think mine knows the meaning of funny...) Hugs & Smiles ~ Robin

  22. Yesterday, at my proddy class, your post about Hooker's Crack was a topic of conversation! I hadn't read it as I was up to my eyeballs in class prep ~ so now I get it!! Pretty funny!! Happy birthday to your sweet Millie!!

  23. LOL! This is too funny! I did not know what a Hooker's Crack was...

  24. That's the best! Thanks for that. I just opened a pile of mail that's been sitting here for days upon days, only to discover some samples from Heavens to Betsy...swaying...I'm feeling the need to order, even if I don't have a refund and haven't had time for hooking...sigh.