Monday, April 4, 2011

A couple of mysteries solved

Well, the mystery of Mom's bad mood was solved today.  I just assumed it was a mood and everyone is entitled to have a crabby day once in awhile --- even her.  
But the real reason became very clear this morning - She is sick.  It must have been starting yesterday but she doesn't have the vocabulary to express it anymore.   Don't panic - its nothing serious, just a little bug.

The other mystery was solved last evening.  I haven't got our stuff ready yet for our taxes.  That isn't the mystery because I am a bit of a procrastinator.  But at tax time I usually am a little quicker because I generally get a refund.  (Or as I like to call it now "wool money" LOL)

I have been waiting for my bank papers for my RRSP contributions.  It should have been here weeks ago.  Yesterday I decided it must be lost in the mail and I was ready to call the bank first thing this morning to get a duplicate issued.  That was my excuse for the delay in taking our stuff to the accountant.

So last night I was looking for a particular piece of wool in a side table and what did I find instead???  A pile of un-opened mail.  And yes.....there it was.  There are 2 possibilities - Mom played hide and seek again or one of the homecare workers picked up the mail and forgot to tell anyone.  It was just lucky I stumbled upon it because I'm sure it would have been a huge ordeal to get a duplicate.

So tomorrow I will finally get our stuff delivered - before the deadline ! 
Now that this chore is all done except for the delivery, I can reward myself with some Dancing With The Stars tonight!    Go Kirstie !


  1. Kim, I'm glad that you solved the mysteries. I hope that your mom will feel better soon. Don't you just hate tax time. I get a refund too and usually get my taxes done early but not this year. The Farm taxes on the other hand are done and already sent. Enjoy your evening with Dancing with the Stars.

    Almost forgot, Congratulations on your 100th followers. JB

  2. I always wonder why I put sending the taxes off? I have everything together and ready, I just have this "thing" I I will get them ready and out on Wed...see I told you I have a thing about sending them off!

  3. Kim, I hope mother is feeling better. I know you must be better having found the bank stuff. These taxes are such a pain. I try to keep stuff in order during the year but always manage to slip up some place. Get that refund and buy lots of wool, beautiful wool!!!!

  4. Glad your mother is better...poor thing. Having others around makes for misplaced items. I'm so anal, I have to know where all things are or it drives me crazy. That must be hard. Hopefully you get a lots of wool money back now that the mail is found!!!

  5. I hope your mom feels better soon. I did my taxes on Friday. We are getting a little back.
    I am hoping for lots of wool money for you.

  6. Kim,
    So glad you found those papers as what you would probably have had to go thru had you not wouldn't have been pretty!
    My Mom has been sick this past week too after a long stretch of feeling great. Today she seemed a little better. I worry now when she gets a little sniffle after all we went through when she was seriously ill. (thinking it was the flu). Hope your Mom gets over the bug quickly and things settle down for you! Yes, enjoy DWTS tonight!
    Cathy G

  7. So glad you found your mail and I just think it is so cute that you watch Dancing with the Stars. I never watch or nor have I ever and I even pay attention just because you like it. Have fun.

  8. I do hope your mom is feeling well soon, the flu has struck with a vengeance in our neck of the woods. I am keeping my finger's crossed that neither DH nor I come down with it. I'm with you go Kirstie!!!

  9. Kim hope your Mom gets to feeling better quick! We are watching DWTS right now! CH does our taxes and they are DONE-no money back :(

  10. Hi Kim , great you saw Julia and I sure hope your mom feels better.

  11. Hope your Mom is feeling better soon. Mine fell last week (she is in a great nursing home, and will not wait for help to come.) and needed 6 stitches in the back of her head...Needless to say she now has an alarm attached to her 24/7.
    Okay tax refund has been in the bank for weeks now!! Get them done so you can spend that money!

  12. Good thing you found those papers! Now you can get your wool money processing! I get real cranky right before I get sick, too. And funny enough, even though it happens every time, I still don't know what's wrong when I feel that way... lol!

  13. Kim,
    Sorry to hear that your Mom is sick ... I do know how very hard it is when they can't tell you. As you know I went though it as well.
    Thanks for the suggestion on Hevens to Betsy ... I'll check it out. I also like the idea of your refund being called wool money.
    Hubby and I don't get anything back ... However I am wondering, if I start buying all this wool ... you think I can take it off next years taxes as a deduction! LoL ... Have a great week and I hope your Mom feels better soon.

  14. Kim ~
    Hope mom is much better!
    I am done with taxes. Wool money. I like that. Too bad all of it can't go for wool, but I have to be a responsible grown up. Da**.
    Hugs :)

  15. Hey Kimmers - Can you please check that stack for my DH's missing 1099-MISC??? ;o)(Right about now the "D" isn't short for "dear" either...)

  16. Kim, hugs to your mom. Hope she feels better soon. Get those taxes done pronto, new wool must not be kept waiting, someone else may buy it. lol

  17. Hope your mom feels better soon. We did our taxes a while ago, but now I daily have to light a fire over my 22 year old to pick his up and get them in!!

  18. Just had to drop by and tell you that I loved seeing a picture of you on Julia's site. Honey you are beautiful and you look almost just as I had you pictured. Isn't that funny how we picture someone in our heads before we meet them.
    Sorry about your mom hope she is over it by the weekend.
    I just now got my tax forms from the Sheriff's dept yesterday so I know what I will be doing this weekend.
    The last few days have got me exhausted and feeling sorry for myself so pay no attention to my whining when you drop by to visit. hahaha
    Love ya